Winter Months and Infection Prevention and Control Measures

Thank you so much for your support as we continue to do all we can to keep everyone who lives and works in our long term Care Homes safe. As we move into the winter months, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone about Provincial Health Orders relating to COVID-19, and about infection prevention and control procedures.

COVID-19 Protocols

Only fully vaccinated people are permitted inside our Care Homes, and everyone who comes inside must be screened by our Greeter. Fully vaccinated means it has been at least seven days since you received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Visitors aged 13 and up must wear a medical mask in all areas of the building, but may remove it when in your loved one’s room (private room only), or in an outdoor courtyard.

Children aged 5 – 12 years must follow and adhere to all infection control procedures, including wearing a medical mask during the entire visit, whether indoors and outside.

Visits are in resident rooms or outdoor courtyards only. At this time, gathering in common areas is not permitted for visitors to long term care homes. Once you are screened and invited in to the Care Home, please proceed directly to your loved one’s room. If you need to use a washroom while you are in our Care Homes, please use the one in your loved one’s room.

When your visit is over, you should wash your hands and proceed directly to the main entrance to sign out and exit.

Hugs and hand holding – physical touching, such as hugging or holding hands, is allowed.

Talking with a team member – if you need to talk to a team member, please use the call bell in the resident’s room, and wait for someone to come to them.

Infection Prevention and Control

To visit safely during the winter months when illness is more likely to occur, we must all be very careful and thorough with infection prevention and control procedures. This includes practicing good hand hygiene (washing your hands before and after your visit); and following respiratory etiquette (e.g., sneezing into the crook of your elbow, disposing of tissues immediately after blowing your nose, and washing your hands); and getting the annual influenza vaccination.

Thank you again for your help as we work together through the winter months to keep everyone safe.