Stocks and Securities

Donate gifts of stock or securities

Donating gifts of appreciated publicly listed securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual fund units is a simple and tax-effective way of giving. The capital gains on appreciated securities are exempt from tax when securities are donated ‘as is’ to Broadmead Care. (If you sell appreciated securities, 50 percent of the capital gain is taxable.) Additionally, you get a tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities at the closing price on the day they are received into Broadmead Care’s brokerage account.

Donating stock is easy. Simply instruct your broker to transfer the shares ‘as is’ directly to the Broadmead Care brokerage account. This can be done as an electronic transfer or in the form of a share certificate in your name delivered to Broadmead Care. We will work with your advisor to ensure the transfer goes well and will deliver your tax receipt to you.

If you are considering donating securities to Broadmead Care, please download and complete this form. For more information please call Mandy Parker, VP Philanthropy & Communication, at (250) 658-3226 or email Thank you!

The information on this page is not legal or financial advice. Broadmead Care encourages donors to contact their professional advisors when considering a gift of publicly listed securities.