Room and Belongings

Broadmead Care encourages people to personalize their room, but it is also important that the room supports resident and staff safety. Storage space outside of their room is not available. All of the resident’s personal belongings must be kept in their room.

Each room is furnished with a bed, closet, and drawers. Bed linens and window coverings are provided. Each room has an ensuite bathroom with toilet and sink. Please note that the furnishings that are supplied by Broadmead Care have been appropriately placed for resident and staff safety and may not be moved.

Housekeeping Services

All living areas and resident rooms receive regular housekeeping services. Residents are required to provide reasonable access within their room to enable floors, furniture and equipment to be cleaned. Extra care will be taken in the moving of furniture and resident’s personal belongings.

Items Not Recommended

For safety reasons, we prohibit the use of electrical appliances in resident rooms. This includes, but is not limited to, kettles, toasters, microwaves, fridges, hot plates, electric heaters, electric blankets, heating pads, and air conditioners.

Staff may need to ensure furniture and contents are placed correctly in the room to meet fire regulations, and to make it easier to assist the resident. Please speak with them if you have any questions.

Please ensure that all electrical items (i.e., cell phones, computers, radios, televisions, stereos, electric razors) are in good working condition. We may ask you to remove any items found to be unsafe.

Carpets, floor mats, chairs with wheels, rocking chairs, swivel chairs, and large bookcases or furnishings are not permitted.

Memory Boxes

A memory box has been provided outside each resident’s room. These boxes help the team and volunteers know the resident’s history and provide an excellent opportunity to ‘tell their story’. Memory boxes may include personal items and memorabilia such as medals, family photographs, or artwork. Please contact the nurse or Activity Worker to open the memory box.

Money and Valuables

Residents should only keep very small amounts of cash on their person or in their room. A key to the bedside drawer can be provided if needed. Cash for purchases or outings can be taken out of the resident’s Trust Account. Broadmead Care is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

Residents are encouraged not to keep costly jewellery or other valuables at the Care Home. Any items of great monetary or sentimental value should be kept by family. If an item needs to be placed in safekeeping, a staff member will deliver it to the Finance Office for storage in the safe. Outside of Finance Office hours, the valuable will be stored in a locked cupboard in the medication room and transferred to the Finance Office at the first opportunity. Items in safekeeping can be claimed by the person legally appointed for managing the resident’s affairs. Broadmead Care cannot take responsibility for long term storage of valuables, and is not responsible for lost or damaged items.


In-room phone service is arranged directly with TELUS or Shaw, who will bill the resident. When setting up the service, be prepared to provide the location including floor, room number, and Care Home address.


If a television is desired, a wall-mounted flat panel TV, with no larger than a 40” (102 cm) diameter screen, and weighing no more than 30 lb (13.5 kg), is required. A wall-mounted TV is safer because it can be secured to the wall and allows for more space in the room. The resident will pay a one-time charge for installation and eventual removal of the wall-mounted TV.

At most Homes, basic Shaw Cable TV is available, for a fee, which is charged in addition to the monthly rent. Some Homes have their own arrangements, so it is best to check with the Care Home. Subscription to ‘bundled’ services, or use of other service providers is not available. Families must supply TV cables and connections. Please notify Finance when the service is no longer required to ensure charges are discontinued.