The Veterans Health Centre is a partnership between Broadmead Care and Veterans Affairs Canada. The Centre provides health, social, and recreational services for veterans living in the community.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of current Provincial Health Orders and guidelines relating to COVID-19, we are operating differently than described below. Please contact the Veterans Health Centre at 250.658.3270 for information about a program or service you are interested in.

The purpose of the Veterans Health Centre is to support veterans who live in their own homes, as long as possible, and as safely as possible, by offering a range of health, social and leisure services. The Program promotes a social atmosphere conducive to developing a renewed interest in life, and a sense of dignity and self-worth, and provides support, education, respite, and counselling to veterans, families, and other care partners. When necessary or appropriate, we help provide a smooth transition for the veteran and care partners to a care home.

Anyone may refer a veteran to programs at the Veterans Health Centre by calling (250) 658-3270. Eligibility for all programs is confirmed by Veterans Affairs Canada prior to an intake appointment being scheduled.

If you are an eligible veteran, the first step to receive a geriatric assessment is to have your family doctor call (250) 658-3270 or fax (250) 658-0841 to make a referral for you.

A Day in the Life of Veterans Health Centre Group Health Programs

Group health programs at the Veterans Health Centre provide a wide range of group health, recreational and social programs for eligible veterans. These programs are offered in small groups (8 – 14 veterans) seven days a week, and include:

  • Health monitoring by health professionals
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Exercise programs for the body and mind
  • Bus outings
  • Socialization with other veterans and residents of the Veterans Memorial Lodge
  • Gardening and barbecues in the interior courtyard
  • Creative arts instruction
  • Music and singing

Bathing Program

The Veterans Health Centre offers private, therapeutic baths for eligible veterans who have difficulty bathing at home. Provided by a trained health care worker in a fully equipped tub room, these baths are a safe, enjoyable way to maintain independence and dignity.

Bathing appointments are scheduled from Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 am – 2 pm.


The Veterans Health Centre program is fully funded by Veterans Affairs Canada.

Geriatric Assessment Program

Broadmead Care, through the Veterans Health Centre, offers comprehensive clinical assessments for eligible veterans that are referred to us by a family doctor. The Geriatric Assessment Program is led by a specialist in geriatric medicine and supported by a social worker, nurse, dietitian, occupational therapist and physical therapist. Assessments take place at the Veterans Health Centre and in the veteran’s home.

Monthly Care Partner Education and Support Group Meetings

The purpose of a support group for care partners (often referred to as caregivers) is to provide family care partners an opportunity to connect, receive support, and learn from one another in a safe, supportive, confidential setting. It is a place to express feelings, share experiences, challenges, and resources. It can reduce the isolation and loneliness often experienced by care partners while enhancing coping skills and wellbeing.

Every month the Veterans Health Centre offers three different groups to support care partners:

  • The Education Sessions provide information on various topics such as self-care for care partners, dementia care, advance care planning, and the transition to long-term care.
  • The Support Group is an opportunity to spend time with others facing similar experiences while sharing and learning from one another in a caring and supportive place.
  • Coffee and Conversation is offered in an effort to address the loneliness and social isolation often experienced by care partners.This group meets monthly for an informal opportunity to connect and share over coffee.
  • All the Education and Support Groups are facilitated by a registered, masters prepared social worker.

Overnight Respite

Eligible veterans who are registered with the Veterans Health Centre programs may participate in the overnight respite program, which is designed to provide a comfortable place for veterans to stay during a planned period of respite for their family. Broadmead Care, through the Veterans Health Centre, has four private rooms at the Veterans Memorial Lodge that can be booked in advance for a respite.

Each respite care room is a single furnished room with a two-piece ensuite bathroom.

Contact Veterans Health Centre

(250) 658-3270

4579 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC, V8X 4Y7