The Veterans Health Centre is a partnership between Broadmead Care and Veterans Affairs Canada. The Centre provides health, social, and recreational services for veterans living in the community.

The purpose of the Veterans Health Centre is to support veterans who live in their own homes, as long as possible, and as safely as possible, by offering a range of health, social and leisure services. The Program promotes a social atmosphere conducive to developing a renewed interest in life, and a sense of dignity and self-worth, and provides support, education, respite, and counselling to veterans, families, and other care partners. When necessary or appropriate, we help provide a smooth transition for the veteran and care partners to a care home.

Anyone may refer a veteran to programs at the Veterans Health Centre by calling (250) 658-3270. Eligibility for all programs is confirmed by Veterans Affairs Canada prior to an intake appointment being scheduled.

If you are an eligible veteran, the first step to receive a geriatric assessment is to have your family doctor call (250) 658-3270 or fax (250) 658-0841 to make a referral for you.

A Day in the Life of Veterans Health Centre Group Health Programs

Bathing Program


Geriatric Assessment Program

Monthly Care Partner Education and Support Group Meetings

Overnight Respite

Contact Veterans Health Centre

(250) 658-3270

4579 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC, V8X 4Y7