Celebrate a Life

Donate to celebrate

At Heather’s birthday party, instead of presents, she asked that donations to be made to support Nigel House’s music program.

I was inspired to host a birthday party a few years ago, but I didn’t want people to feel like they needed to bring gifts. Asking people to donate to Broadmead Care, where I am a volunteer, provided a way for people to wish me Happy Birthday in a way that was meaningful to me, and was way more useful than more ‘stuff’.

I asked that the money go to the music program at Nigel House because I know what a great job Rob does there, and that there’s never really enough money for these extras that the residents enjoy so much. That’s the magic of donations. They provide the nice-to-haves, the comforts, the fun for people who live at Broadmead Care.

I originally got involved with Broadmead Care because they serve Canada’s Veterans, and as a retired Canadian Forces member, that was important to me. I soon realized Broadmead Care serves so many other people throughout the Greater Victoria community. The team at Broadmead Care does a fabulous job, and were especially dedicated and hard working during the pandemic.

As you might have guessed from the photo, we had a Hawaiian theme, and everyone dressed in beach style and wore leis. We ate pizza and danced the night away! My mother (in the photo with me) spoke about what a great time we all had at the party, right up until her death less than a year later.

~ Heather

Here are some of the ways you can Donate to Celebrate:

Celebrate a special occasion

  • Celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, marriage, anniversary, or retirement
  • Create a personal fundraiser celebrating a special occasion or the memory of a loved one. Set your own timeline, and rally those around you to reach your personal fundraising goal. Share your story and your inspiration!

Celebrate a special person

  • Give a gift to honour someone living — a loved one, a friend, or a colleague. You can notify them with a beautiful online card, or we would be happy to mail a card on your behalf.
  • Give a gift in memory of someone special to you who has passed away. You can notify next of kin with a selection of beautiful online cards, or we would be happy to mail a card on your behalf.

Celebrate with an event

  • Celebrate special days — Heather wanted to make her 50th birthday count. She asked family and friends to donate $50 to mark her milestone birthday. She raised more than $500 in support of the people who live at Broadmead Care!
  • Celebrate activity — set an active goal for yourself, and invite those around you to cheer you on and support your cause! Tracey’s mom lived at Beckley Farm Lodge. After her mom’s passing, Tracey wanted to do something to honour her mother’s memory, and to say ‘thank you’ for the care her mom received. Tracey chose to run five marathons in five days, and she raised more than $7,000!
  • Celebrate with baking — Invite family and friends to bake their finest treats and host a bake sale in your neighbourhood, office, or school. Staff at Broadmead Care hold an annual cupcake sale with proceeds going to support all areas of care for our residents. More than 20 staff bake a dozen cupcakes each, and sell them for $2 apiece. That’s a sweet $500 for the people who live with us!
  • Celebrate your creativity — Sally wanted to show her grandpa just how much he meant to her, so she created her own birthday card line. With the help of her mom, Sally created custom cards that she sold in her community. To date, Sally has raised more than $200, designated for the Creative Arts Program at Broadmead Care.
  • Celebrate! What ideas do you have to raise funds? Nearly anything goes – contact Shannon to find out more! You can email her: Shannon.Donnelly@broadmeadcare.com, or call 250.658.3274!