Broadmead Care is an exceptional employer with an excellent reputation, offering a generous compensation package and the opportunity to participate in the Public Service Pension Plan.

Caring for seniors and adults with disabilities is a profession, but it’s also a calling. Our staff are dedicated to making sure clients and residents feel at home, and feel loved. Our goal is to create an environment of acceptance for people and their families that honours their life history, supports their strengths and abilities, and maintains their dignity. When residents and clients experience wellbeing and happiness, and receive compassionate care, the door opens for extraordinary relationships to flourish.

That’s why we hire team members who believe in enriching the lives of seniors, their loved ones, and each other. We hire people who help residents, clients, and each other experience a sense of belonging, respect, and acceptance, providing opportunities for all to live life as fully as possible.

Current Opportunities

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Health Care Worker
Full Time Part Time
Veterans Memorial Lodge (Saanich)
Licensed Practical Nurse
Full Time Permanent Temporary
Veterans Memorial Lodge (Saanich)
Full Time Permanent
Veterans Memorial Lodge (Saanich)
Health Care Support Worker Training Program
Beckley Farm Lodge (James Bay) Rest Haven Lodge (Sidney) Veterans Memorial Lodge (Saanich)
Auxiliary Full Time
Beckley Farm Lodge (James Bay) Rest Haven Lodge (Sidney) Veterans Memorial Lodge (Saanich)
Auxiliary Full Time Part Time
Beckley Farm Lodge (James Bay) Nigel House (Uptown) Rest Haven Lodge (Sidney) Veterans Health Centre (Saanich)