Harriet House is one of two Victoria area residences under the Nigel Program which provide a home for adults who experience challenges that compromise their ability to work and live independently.

At Harriet House, adults with disabilities manage their own lives, with some assistance. Here, residents and staff recognize that love, life, and living matter. Here, people work together to create a community of support. At Harriet House, people experience a sense of belonging, respect, and acceptance, and are provided with opportunities to live as fully as possible.

One of two Broadmead Care Victoria area residences under the Nigel Program, Harriet House provides a home for 14 adults who experience challenges that affect their ability to work and live on their own.

Living at Harriet House


Harriet House is not currently equipped to accommodate people in wheelchairs, and is unable to support motorized wheelchairs or scooters.


  • One public multi-purpose lounge.
  • Central dining room that is also used as a multi-purpose room for recreational activity.
  • Beautiful backyard patio and garden.
  • Residents are able to partake in the Nigel House Activity Programs, including regular exercise, outings, and art classes.


  • Centrally located, Harriet House is close to many public access shopping and recreation opportunities
  • Uptown, Mayfair, and Tillicum Shopping Centres are nearby
  • Silver City Movie Theatre, TD Bank, Save-On-Foods, Pearkes Arena, Gorge Walkway, Lochside Trail, public library, and Rudd Park are all nearby

Pet Policy 

While pets are not permitted to live at Harriet House, we welcome visiting pets and recognize the importance and value that pets have for many people. Visiting pets must be leashed at all times, have current vaccinations, and be well mannered. Pets are not allowed in any area where food is prepared or served.

Safety/Security Features

  • The home is staffed 16 hours a day, and is a non-secure building.
  • People can come and go freely during the day by using a key to let themselves in, and visitors are welcome.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is important, and Harriet House has a Spiritual Coordinator who is available to visit. Arrangements can be made for those who wish to connect with their church, faith, or support group.

Accommodation and Cost

There are 14 non profit, publicly subsidized private rooms. There are no private-pay rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, with a shower.

The cost of rent starts at a minimum rate set by the Ministry of Health and increases according to the resident’s taxable income, to a maximum amount. Rent is established as a percentage of your monthly taxable income, as submitted by you to Revenue Canada. The rate is updated annually.

Make sure that you complete your taxes annually. If your taxes have not been submitted by Canada Revenue Agency deadlines, your rate will default to the maximum amount. If you have questions about your rent, or concerns about your ability to pay it, please speak with your Case Manager at Island Health.


All admissions are managed by Island Health, through a Case Manager. Please contact Island Health directly, or browse their website for more information, at www.islandhealth.ca.

Medical Care

There is a core group of physicians who are assigned to residents living at Broadmead Care homes. We can assist by arranging for transfer of your medical care to one of the core group physicians.

Residents are assigned to a physician who cares for a number of people at the House, attends on a regular basis, coordinates care with other core physicians and works closely with care staff, under the supervision of Broadmead Care’s Medical Director.

Our Medical Director oversees the quality of medical care at all Broadmead Care homes and collaborates with Harriet House’s Medical Coordinator to initiate quality improvement programs such as regular medication reviews and medication optimization.

Visiting Information

People are encouraged to visit their friend or family member, as well as take them out into the community. We ask that family and friends refrain from visiting if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, or other contagious diseases.

Provincial policy requires all visitors to be informed: “Violence, foul language and abusive behaviours are not acceptable. Verbal threats or acts of violence will not be tolerated and may result in removal from Harriet House and/or prosecution.”

Contact Harriet House

(250) 475-2050

3272 Harriet Road, Victoria BC, V8X 4Y7