We believe that love, life, and living matter, and that when we live life as completely as possible, as actively as possible, and as joyfully as possible, we engage in a life that is full of purpose, wellbeing, and happiness.

Broadmead Care is accredited by Accreditation Canada, which sets national standards that examine all aspects of health care from patient safety and ethics to staff training and partnering with the community. Accreditation means we:

Broadmead Care provides ongoing clinical program development, conducts structured evaluations of our programs and services, and provides extensive training and education for our staff, board members, families, and volunteers.

Accreditation means we …

  • Have been assessed by our peers
  • Meet or exceed national standards of excellence
  • Continue to strive for high-quality health care

Broadmead Care has been fully accredited by Accreditation Canada since 1989. In July 2022, Broadmead Care was awarded ‘Accreditation with Exemplary Standing’ by Accreditation Canada. Accreditation with Exemplary Standing is awarded to an organization that attains the highest level of performance, achieving excellence in meeting the requirements of the accreditation program. Broadmead Care met or exceeded all of their standards for Required Operational Processes, and 99.2% of Quality Dimensions standards.

In their report, the Accreditation Decision Committee noted: “This is a milestone to be celebrated, and we congratulate you and your team for your commitment to providing safe, high quality health services.”

This Accreditation Award means even more to us because our operations have been challenged by more than two years of managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all we pulled together as a community of care, defined not by the restrictions placed on us, but by the courage, hope, determination, and resilience of the people who live and work in, or visit Broadmead Care Homes. Together, we kept everyone as safe as possible. Together, we remained committed to strategic priorities. Together, we enjoyed daily activities, including creating a Veterans Association, listening and dancing to music, and creating art. Together we ensured the Purpose of our organization carried on.

Licensing Risk Ratings

Licensing officers from Island Health carry out routine inspections and deliver inspection reports about our care homes. The inspection report provides us with information regarding any regulatory requirements that are not met, and for these, states corrective actions and a corrective date to address outstanding concerns.

All Broadmead Care homes have a ‘low risk’ rating. You can learn more by accessing the Island Health inspection reports online.  You may also access specific reports by clicking on the links below.

For more information, please read Island Health’s Frequently Asked Questions or contact their Licensing Office. For more information about an inspection visit the Inspection and Investigation Reports website.