Sewing for Sunrooms at Rest Haven Lodge!

Joanne Egan and Anna Gowriluk are two friends from Sidney, BC, who have a passion for sewing, an eye for design, and a heart for giving back to their community.

During the pandemic, they teamed up to create and sell handmade items to friends and family, in support of different charities across the city. Their most recent creation was their stylish and practical ‘Fashion Backpacks’.

Joanne’s husband has been a resident at Broadmead Care’s Rest Haven Lodge since the fall of 2020. During times of isolation, Joanne and Anna dove into their passion projects to keep busy despite the unprecedented times we were facing. 

With the province’s easing of visitor restrictions for long term care homes, Joanne is thrilled to be able to spend time with her husband again. When she got word of the Rest Haven Lodge ‘Fresh Face’ Sunroom Replacement Project, she and Anna easily determined their next avenue of support and since then have donated $1,000 from sales of their Fashion Backpacks to this project. They could not be more delighted to have found a way to help the residents of Rest Haven Lodge, and very much look forward to spending time in the newly renovated area.

Thank you to Joanne and Anna for their support!