Veterans Memorial Lodge — Rooted in Care Courtyard and Garden Renovation

We’re getting ‘rooted in care’ by renovating our courtyards and gardens — and you can help!

Over the next three years, we’re going to renovate and revitalize the courtyards and gardens at Veterans Memorial Lodge.

With your help, we’ll create safe outdoor spaces that are protected from the elements, provide year-round beauty, have opportunities for meaningful activities, and that offer accessible, social places to gather with family, friends, and neighbours.

All nine courtyards at Veterans Memorial Lodge need to ‘re-root’ and grow into even better spaces where people can relax, enjoy the out-of-doors, and spend time with others.

This year, we’re starting with three of them. We’ll replace and repair wooden benches, trellises, and hand rails. We’ll plant drought-resistant plants, and install shade sails to provide beautiful, shady spots for visiting, or to just enjoy fresh air, protected from the sun. And, we’ll provide space for people to grow plants — and their skills — by participating in gardening programs!

You can help us create beautiful outdoor spaces with your donation today!

With your support, we will build beautiful outdoor spaces for the people who call Veterans Memorial Lodge home.
The concrete paths, aged over 27 years, have become brittle and pose a hazard in certain areas. These sections have been cordoned off to ensure the safety of residents.
Our existing gardens have faced challenges during the recent scorching summers. Introducing drought-resistant plants and installing shade sails will not only shield against the intense heat but also create a serene and refreshing space for family gatherings.
Deteriorating Cedar Trellises, well beyond their optimal condition, are being taken down to pave the way for a redesigned garden layout prioritizing the comfort and needs of the residents.