Legacy Giving — Talking to your Advisor

Are you interested in starting a conversation with your financial advisor about leaving a gift in your Will to help protect the future for Canada’s veterans, seniors, and adults with disabilities? Not sure how to start? We have a tool that can help! 

In case you missed the announcement, Broadmead Care has partnered with Will Power in a national effort to show Canadians that you have the power to do more with your Will. The free Guide to Talking to Your Advisor, available from our partners at Will Power, is a useful tool for beginning and directing the conversation about a gift in your Will with your financial advisor. 

Here are a few highlights: 

  • Open the conversation by sharing your intentions. Talk about why you want to leave a gift in your Will to help protect important programs and services for Broadmead Care – programs and services that are not fully covered by government funding. Also discuss what kind of impact you want to have.
  • Work with your advisor to better estimate the future value of your estate. Think about what percentage you would like to go to your loved ones, and what percentage to Broadmead Care.
  • Speak to your advisor about the best ways to make your gift. Some options, like a gift of securities or life insurance, might come with big tax savings. 
  • How do you want your future gift to live on? Would you like to get your family involved? 

I encourage you to explore other free tools and resources on the Will Power website such as their legacy calculator to see your potential impact. You can also find a financial advisor, if you don’t have one already.

If you have questions about leaving a legacy gift to Broadmead Care, please contact me by replying to this email, or by calling me on my direct line at 250.658.3226. I’m here to help.

Mandy Parker
VP, Philanthropy & Communications

We are a proud partner in the Will Power movement. You can visit our Will Power page here: www.willpower.ca/charities/broadmead-care.