Kms4Care launches October 1

Broadmead Care’s Kms4Care is officially back for October 2023. Kms4Care challenges participants to complete 35 kilometres worth of physical activity during the month of October.

Why 35 km? This is the distance between Broadmead Care’s Rest Haven Lodge in Sidney and Beckley Farm Lodge in James Bay. If you travelled from on to the other, you would find Nigel House and Veterans Memorial Lodge in between.

Kms4Care allows participants and donors to raise funds for the Home of their choice. Contributions will fund activities and comforts that will enrich the lives of those who call Broadmead Care home. Interested in learning more? Home initiatives are listed on our Fundraising Incentive page.

Join today or anytime during the month of October for just $25 and receive a custom Broadmead Care belt bag and Hornby Island Energy Bar. You’ll also receive weekly emails throughout the month that will keep you motivated and moving all month long!

Many of our staff, friends, family and members of the community have already signed up for the event and have raised more than $7,000 for Broadmead Care! We are well on our way to our goal of $20,000 … but we need your help to ensure we hit the mark for our residents. If joining isn’t for you, consider donating to help a deserving participant reach their fundraising goal or to one of our Care Home team pages to help make an impact.

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