John has lived at Veterans Memorial Lodge since late 2019. Born on November 17, 1920, John was conscripted to the army in 1942, had basic training in Vernon, BC, and advanced medical training at Camp Borden, ON. In 1943 John was sent overseas with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, where he served four years in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany, attaining the rank of Private.

John spent D-Day on a barge in the River Thames, creating a smoke screen along the White Cliffs of Dover, so troops in the river could not be easily seen, and his small medical unit was often within a mile of front lines, where life-and-death decisions had to be made under difficult conditions.

John enjoys life at Veterans Memorial Lodge, and spends time painting in the Creative Arts studio. Many of his works adorn the dining room walls on the lodge where he lives, and he was recently awarded First Prize in the People’s Choice Art Show at Veterans Memorial Lodge for one of his works.

*In July 2022, with family by his side, John passed away. Like all Canadian veterans, John gave up so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. It was our honour to support John while he lived with Broadmead Care, and to continue to support his fellow veterans who live with us now.”

You can help veterans enjoy the comforts of home and simple pleasures like painting, by making a donation today.

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