Increased safety protocol and second dose vaccinations

Since the very first day of the pandemic, you have joined us in doing our very best to protect your loved ones who live with us. Together we have been extremely successful – we have not had one single case of transmission of COVID-19 in any of our Care Homes since the pandemic began. This is an amazing accomplishment, and one we are very proud of. Thank you for the many ways you’ve supported us to keep everyone safe.

Variants of concern

As we know, there has been a rise in cases (although we’ve seen an encouraging fall in cases in these past few days), many of them variants of concern, which may spread more easily and quickly. We have also recently increased the number of visitors to our Care Homes. Your safety, and that of our residents, clients, and staff, is of the utmost importance in all Broadmead Care Homes. As we move into what we hope are the end stages of the pandemic, we must continue to do all we can to protect those who live, work, and visit with us.

Additional Public Health measures

To provide extra protection for everyone, Island Health is now asking all staff in long term care and assisted living homes to wear eye protection when within two metres (six feet) of a resident, client, or visitor. This will add a layer of protection to current measures – an important step for these later stages of the pandemic. Please note: at this point, neither you nor your loved one is required to wear eye protection.

What does this mean for you?

Each Care Home will create their own strategy to make these changes and provide eye protection, which will be a face shield or goggles. Staff will need to wear a face shield or other provided eye protection whenever they are within two metres (six feet) of a resident, client, or visitors. Each Care Home manager will provide more information about how the process will be managed, and what you can expect when visiting your loved ones.

Second dose vaccinations

Island Health has advised us that second dose vaccinations will take place as follows:

  • Beckley Farm Lodge – May 6, 2021
  • Nigel House – May 13, 2021
  • Rest Haven Lodge – May 13, 2021
  • Veterans Memorial Lodge – May 5, 2021

Similar to the first dose, vaccination clinics will be set up in each Care Home, and mobile residents will be taken to the clinic. Residents in secure living areas or who are not mobile will have the vaccination brought to them.

Thank you for the unwavering support you continue to give us. Everyone is safer because of our combined efforts.