Happy ‘horse’lidays from Nigel House

Residents and staff of Nigel House have been busy with festive outings lately, including spending time with ponies in Central Saanich, and a visit to The Bay Centre for some Holiday shopping!

One of the challenges facing the people who live at Nigel House is that many require a companion to accompany them to medical appointments, shopping trips, or events. These activities and events are things we do regularly – yet for them, it’s a special occasion. We recruit volunteers or provide staff to accompany them, but the need outweighs our ability to manage all their requests – so we fundraise for extra help.

Outings like these help the people who live at Nigel House experience life in ways that are meaningful to them, and that bring joy and purpose to their daily activities.

Arid the cat found a happy place to sit.
Shopping at the Bay Centre.