Hop Aboard Our #GivingTuesdayCA Bus

#GivingTuesdayCA is November 28. Last year, your generosity raised $6,892 in one day. This year, you can help double that amount to fund a new bus for Broadmead Care.

This year, we urgently need your help to replace our aging bus, which is often unavailable because it’s not working. We’ve had bills of more than $5,000 every few months! It also means fewer outings, less transportation to medical appointments, and way less fun for the people who live at Nigel House and Veterans Memorial Lodge.

Will you help us fix the broken bus?

Your donation today will have DOUBLE THE IMPACT! Alanne Gibson will match donations up to $27,000 to replace the aging Broadmead Care bus. She was inspired to make her gift after she read an article highlighting those who live in our Care Homes and incredible outings they take that brings them joy and happiness.

Beat the rush hour – donate today!

The bus we use at Broadmead Care is very old, and unreliable. We can’t count on it to get us from place to place without incident.

So we’re on a mission to raise $300,000 for a new bus to support the residents who live at Nigel House and Veterans Memorial Lodge, and you can help. Will you help buy a new bus that is perfectly suited to our needs, and that we can count on? Your gift will help bring the joy of the open road for the people who live at Broadmead Care.

You’ll be helping staff, too, because they’ll be able to plan for meaningful activities that bring purpose and joy. Your donation will make a difference for people every day.

Your support will help us ensure the people who live at Broadmead Care and can enjoy engaging and meaningful activities in the safest way possible, and stay connected with their community!