You can help bring comfort to the people who live and work at Rest Haven Lodge.

The ground floor sunroom is very important to life here – to gathering, to community, to socializing. ”
~ Rest Haven Lodge Staff

Doris (left, in the light blue sweater) loves to spend time in Rest Haven Lodge’s sunroom. But many times the room is too hot or too cold to be comfortable.

Doris’s story

I live at Rest Haven Lodge, and I spend time in the sunroom seven days a week, for Happy Hour, or exercises, or games, or whatever they’re having. But it’s very cold in the winter. Even if you’re doing exercises, sometimes you sit still, and it’s too cold. And in the summer, it’s so hot. The heat kind of gets stuck, and it’s not nice to spend time there. Right now, this is the only place for residents to socialize. When it’s too hot or too cold, we just have to stay in our rooms, and that’s no fun at all.

Broadmead Care is going to help us be more comfortable by giving our sunrooms a ‘Fresh Face’. I can’t wait! I’ll be able to spend time here with my friends who live here, and when the pandemic is over, we’ll have entertainment, family visits, and activities in here too — in a lovely, homelike space!

Rather than continue to repair 40-year-old sunrooms on the main and third floors, Broadmead Care is replacing them. Modern rooflines, overhangs, and thermal glass will protect the people inside from the cold and heat, and give them welcoming spaces that feel like home. You can help build comfortable areas for the people who live and work at Rest Haven Lodge by donating to our Fresh Face campaign.