Financial Information

Monthly Charge

Each person who lives in a Broadmead Care Home is required to pay a monthly charge, or rent, which is set by the BC Ministry of Health, and reviewed annually by Island Health.

Services Provided Within Monthly Charges

  • Accommodation in a private or semi-private room.
  • Personal care consistent with resident needs and within the available resources of the Home.
  • Meals, including special diets, meal replacements, and nutritional supplements as prescribed by the resident’s physician and/or a Dietitian.
  • Clinical services within available resources.
  • A planned program of physical, social, and recreational group activities.
  • Bed linens, towels, washcloths, and laundry service for personal clothing.
  • General hygiene supplies such as soap, shampoo, and toilet paper.
  • Routine medical supplies such as simple dressings and wound care supplies, or catheters, if required.
  • General incontinence management supplies such as disposable pads and briefs.
  • Short-term loan of assistive devices and adaptive equipment such as walkers.
  • A basic manual wheelchair, if needed.

Additional Services

There are a number of services, programs, or supplies that are provided to residents which require payment of additional service fees. These services are provided at a cost, and most are at the discretion of the person and/or their power of attorney. Veterans may receive funding support to cover the accommodation charge, and some other services, equipment or supplies. Please see the supplementary handout provided summarizing the additional services and fees.

Resident Accounts

Broadmead Care maintains two accounts for each person who lives with us:

Maintenance Account for Monthly Accommodation Charges (Rent)
The monthly charge is determined by the BC Ministry of Health and/or Veterans Affairs Canada. This account is opened on the day of admission, with payment owing from the day of admission to the end of the month. The monthly charge is due on the first of each month thereafter and is withdrawn by Pre-Authorized Debit. Activity Enhancement fee and cablevision charges will be added to the monthly charge. Please contact the Accounts Receivable Clerk (email or call (250) 658-3213) for information about the monthly charges and billing, or for any other financial questions.

Trust Account
The Trust Account can be used to pay for comforts and services that the resident or person responsible for their finances has authorized. The Trust Account is established with a cheque payable to Broadmead Care Society for $300 and can be topped up by leaving post-dated cheques with Reception. The balance in the account should not exceed $500. Trust accounts will be discussed on admission. A monthly Trust Account statement is given to the resident or mailed to the person responsible for their finances.
Residents may withdraw cash from this account, under the arrangements each Care Home has made for this. Please check with your Care Home for further information.

Residents are strongly discouraged from keeping large amounts of cash on their person or in their rooms. Extra money should be deposited into their Trust Account. Whenever possible, purchases of a more expensive nature, such as clothes, shoes, or other items, should be purchased by the family and brought to their loved one