Family Survey Results

In October 2022 Broadmead Care surveyed the families and friends of those who live in our Care Homes.

We use the survey results to focus our quality improvement across the organization, improve services, and provide feedback to staff and board members who work together to deliver care.

Many things have changed since March of 2020; it is only recently that we have been able to welcome family and friends back to common areas and activities.  Family and friends rely on their interactions with those living in our Homes to form their opinions regarding the services provided by Broadmead Care.

We added a couple new questions this year, including: I would recommend this Care Home to others. You gave us a 100% rating for this question … thank you for your support!

It is important that we hear and understand the voices of those with loved ones living in Broadmead Care Homes. 

How we completed the survey

  • Survey Monkey was used to conduct the survey; the link was emailed to all families and friends of current residents.
  • Paper copies of the survey were available at each Home for those who wished to respond.
  • The survey was available to complete for a three-week period.
  • Most of the questions were from previous surveys, allowing us to directly compare the results.
  • 249 people responded – our most responses to date in a survey of this type.
  • Respondents had the opportunity to respond to questions with the following categories:  strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, and strongly disagree.  We have combined survey results to give us those that agree, are neutral, or disagree with each response.
  • Respondents had an opportunity to request further follow up should they have questions or concerns regarding the survey, care, or any other questions.  Those individuals were contacted directly by a Broadmead Care team member to ensure concerns and questions were addressed.

The PDF contains graphs that represent the raw data and allow you to compare the same questions from past surveys.   Survey results remain positive overall for the organization and demonstrate the continued dedicated efforts of Broadmead Care in the care provided, and the important communication with family and friends.

Download or view the 2022 Family and Friends Survey Results