Family & Friends Update — September 3, 2020

We are writing to you today with a few updates from Island Health with respect to guidelines for visits to Care Homes, and news about an exciting virtual event coming up in October. As well, we would like to make sure you are aware of an important survey released by the Office of the Seniors Advocate.

Office of the Seniors Advocate – ‘Staying Apart to Stay Safe’ Survey

Last week we shared with you a link to a survey put out by the Office of the Seniors Advocate, and we just want to remind you that this survey is available for your participation. It can be completed on line or accessed in a variety of other ways via the Office of the Seniors Advocate website, and it is estimated that it may take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

We encourage you to take part in this survey. We are also inviting residents to participate, as they are able. You may wish to assist your loved one with this process.

Visits to our Care Homes

Last week, Island Health advised us of a few amendments to guidelines for social visits, essential visits, and end of life visits. These changes reflect a continued commitment to safety for the people who live and work in Care Homes, balanced with a deep understanding of the necessity, joy, and delight of bringing gifts and other familiar items to your loved ones. All visitors will be screened before entry.

Social Visits

  • Each resident may choose one designated social visitor who is able to spend time with them face to face. Appointments are arranged ahead of time with the Care Home.
  • You may bring gifts, flowers, or other goods to your loved one, within the following guidelines:
    • Food must be brought in a container with a surface that can be wiped.
    • Flowers remain subject to Island Health’s scent-free policies.
    • Take-out food may be brought to your loved one during a social visit.
    • Items do not need to be quarantined for any period of time before being given to your loved one.

We appreciate the enthusiasm with which you have been bringing gifts like chocolates or other food items. As a gentle reminder, it is a good idea to check with the nurse to see what is suitable for your loved one, as dietary changes or the ability to consume certain foods may have occurred.

Essential and End of Life visits

  • Essential visits are those that are deemed necessary for the physical care and mental wellbeing of a resident, such as assistance with feeding or personal care. One person at a time is able to visit, and arrangements will be made with the Care Home for these visits.
  • We recognize the importance of family members spending time with loved ones at the end of life. End of life visits may include more than one person at a time, and will be arranged with the Care Home when needed.


We are excited to announce our first virtual sporting event, Kms4Care, which will kick off October 5, 2020. During the month of October, participants are invited to run 35 km – the approximate distance from Beckley Farm Lodge to Rest Haven Lodge – or to cycle, wheel, walk, or swim its equivalent, to raise funds in support of the veterans, seniors, and adults with disabilities who live in our Care Homes.

Yes, there’s a medal – in the form of a beautifully crafted pewter coaster – with a twist! Each piece of the coaster can be won when you reach your goals for distance, for fundraising, and for participating in our social media challenges! Don’t worry if you don’t have social media – you can email or drop off your entries! There are lots of other prizes to be won and yes, kids can play too. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter feed (@broadmeadcare) for more information. Thank you for your participation in bringing joy and delight to your loved ones this summer. We have seen the difference your visits make, and it gladdens us all. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together to move safely into the Fall season.