Family & Friends Update — July 30, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We are delighted that many of you have been able to enjoy face-to-face visits with your loved ones in our Care Homes. It is a beautiful privilege to be witness to these touching reunions.

As we continue to take guidance from Island Health, we are pleased to advise that, as of Tuesday, August 4, we will be able to accept gifts and essential personal items for residents into our Care Homes, with a few guidelines:

  • Each Care Home has its own process for receiving goods and gifts, to ensure physical distancing requirements are maintained. Please refer to the chart below.
  • We know the joy it brings to give and receive a gift. If you plan on bringing a gift, please check with the nurse in advance to make sure nothing has changed for your loved one.
  • Larger items such as clothing, toiletries, or supplies should be handled as indicated in the chart below.
  • Anything brought into a Care Home should be for one resident only. In other words, food or other items may not be shared with other residents or staff.
  • As we may not be able to deliver goods on a timely basis, we suggest you avoid bringing food items that are heat sensitive or that may perish easily, such as ice cream or frozen treats.
  • As much as we appreciate your generous intentions, we regret we are unable to accept gifts of food or flowers for staff to share.
  • If you have any questions about a particular item, please contact the Care Home as advised below.

Thank you for helping us bring wellbeing and happiness to your loved ones through your face-to-face visits and gifts. We appreciate your commitment to the health and safety of your loved ones, and to keeping us all as safe as possible.

Care Home Goods & Gifts Procedures

  • Please ensure items are packaged and labelled with your loved one’s name.
  • Items should be left with the Receptionist during the hours shown below.
  • Items will be delivered as soon as possible, but delivery may not be immediate.
Care HomeHoursSpecial Instructions
Beckley Farm Lodge (250) 381-442110 am – 5:30 pm 
Nigel House (250) 475-20508:30 am – 3 pm Outside of these times, please buzz for the RN on dutyNo change to existing protocols. If you have questions, call us and ask to speak with Jamie (Social Worker), Hettie (Reception), or the RN on duty
Rest Haven Lodge (250) 656-071710 am – 5:30 pmNon-perishable items should be dropped off at the table outside the side entrance.   Perishable items may be dropped off at the table inside the front entrance.
Veterans Memorial Lodge (250) 658-03119 am – 7:30 pmPlease leave items on the table outside the main entrance.