Fall 2020 Family Survey Results

While so many things have changed since March of 2020, resident and family satisfaction remain an extremely important part of ensuring that our community is one “where people of all ages and abilities can experience wellbeing and happiness.”  In 2018, we completed an online survey that received 217 responses.  We repeated this survey in October 2020, and received 194 responses. 

In the early days of the pandemic, shortly after visiting restrictions were put into place (May 2020) we also completed a smaller survey with a subset of the questions from the 2018 and 2020 survey.  As so much of the communication was going out from us at that time (related to ongoing changing health orders and procedures), we knew that it was important to hear back from family members to ensure that our communication was meeting family needs.  For those questions which were asked in May 2020, the following report identifies all three survey periods (Oct 2018, May 2020, and Oct 2020).

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