David Cheperdak’s Retirement Farewell Mesage

David Cheperdak, President & CEO of Broadmead Care

My name is Dave Cheperdak, and it has been my distinct honour to have been the CEO of Broadmead Care for the past 17 years. And what a 17 years it has been!

When I started here, Broadmead Care was comprised of Veterans Memorial Lodge and the Veterans Health Centre. Now we’ve grown, and our Care Homes include Nigel House and Harriet House, Beckley Farm Lodge, and Rest Haven Lodge.

This growth has made Broadmead Care a stronger organization. We now have more resources to be able to invest in the environments where residents live, to ensure the highest quality living environment possible, and to invest in programs that support quality of life for your loved ones. It’s made a big, big difference.

The Broadmead Way — Advancing our Purpose

I think the most important work Broadmead Care is doing is what we’re doing now. You may have heard or read about our new Purpose, which is to build communities where every person can experience wellbeing and happiness. We’re advancing our Purpose with what we call The Broadmead Way – five principles that really turn long term care on its head. Traditional long term care in Canada is somewhat institutional, very medically focussed. Our intention is to turn that around and provide relationship based, person-centred care, centred around helping your loved ones to live well. That’s what we mean by The Broadmead Way. I believe there is very important and exciting work ahead that we’ll want to involve families in, and that will bring about even better care and support for your loved ones.

The Past Year and a Half — COVID-19

Well, this past year and a half has been quite something, hasn’t it? It’s been a tremendous challenge for us, and for you. We’re so proud of Broadmead Care – we did not have one case of transmission in any of our Care Homes during this time. We’re very proud of our staff and the great work they did.

I want to thank you for your patience, your support, your generosity, your collaboration, and your encouragement during this past year and a half. It’s been wonderful welcoming you back into our Care Homes, especially after April 1 when the guidance changed for long term care visits. Before that decision was made, we had thousands of designated social visits and essential visits, but since April 1, we’ve been welcoming about 3,000 visits a month. It’s been so great to have you back in our Care Homes once again.

Going Forward

My retirement is just a matter of days away, and I want you to know that the Board of Directors is working with an executive search firm, and the process to select and hire a new CEO is almost complete. We expect that process to be finished in about a month.

In the meantime, please be assured during this transition time that the Board, the Executive Team, and all of our staff at Broadmead Care are focussed on one thing, and that is to continue to provide great, wonderful care for your loved ones, and support for you as their family and friends. You can absolutely count on that during this transition period.

Once again, thank you so much for your support and encouragement over this last year and a half. You helped us get through this very challenging time. We can now sense brighter days ahead. I want to wish you and your loved ones the very best.