Coronovirus Update

Dear Family & Friends,

It was about a month ago that the landscape shifted for all of us. We first communicated with you about the COVID-19 crisis on March 11, and since then, things have changed in ways we might not have imagined. Like us, you are being asked to adapt swiftly in rapidly changing times, and we very much appreciate how you have helped us care for your loved ones, and how you help us keep them connected and engaged.

We want to reassure you that we are making every effort to keep your loved ones safe, and to help them enjoy a good quality of life through this crisis. Broadmead Care has worked swiftly and diligently to implement measures to protect residents who live in our Care Homes and the staff who care for them. These include:

  • All Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and Ministry of Health Orders
  • Limiting visitors to ‘Essential Visitors’ only (as defined by the PHO)
  • Screening staff, contractors, and essential visitors
  • Moving to single-site employment for staff
  • Strict infection control measures
  • Monitoring residents twice daily for signs of infection

In all our Care Homes, we are taking every precaution to keep COVID-19 out. While we believe it is very unlikely we would experience a COVID-19 outbreak, we are also aware it is possible we might encounter a positive test for a resident or a staff member.

If this happens – and we are doing everything we can to prevent it – please be assured that staff in all our Care Homes are trained professionals who are familiar with infection control protocols. Our Care Teams have the education, training, and experience that equips them to know exactly what to do, to effectively manage infectious outbreaks of any kind.  Should anything occur, Broadmead Care would work in close collaboration with Island Health, the Ministry of Health, and the BC Centre for Disease Control for the duration of the outbreak. 

In addition, we want you to know that should anything occur, we would communicate with families right away. We want you to take comfort in knowing that we will keep you informed.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided new opportunities to advance The Broadmead Way, helping residents and staff find meaning and purpose in creative ways.  We received nearly 125 messages from you for your loved ones over the Easter Weekend (and more than 850 since we started!), and wanted to share with you a photo of one of our residents in the garden, with the Liberation Tulips planted by the people who live in the Cottage Garden Lodge (A3) at Veterans Memorial Lodge. Residents are now starting to send messages in response. Marie has a special message for everyone – and she hopes you are staying safe and well.

We also have had family members initiate ‘window visits’. These are a great way to be able to see your loved one, and we understand how lovely it is to be able to see each other. In our experience, video chatting is a more effective way to connect, and we recommend you take advantage of our video chat program as these are more easily managed from a time and resources perspective. If you do wish to arrange a window visit, please use the information below to make these arrangements rather than simply dropping by. Window visits work best when we can prepare the resident and help him or her understand what is happening. Thank you for your understanding.

As we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are grateful to receive your support. We’re in this together, and we will continue to do our utmost to protect your loved ones as though they are our own family.

Window Visit Requests

  Beckley Farm Lodge  Recreation Department250.381.4421
Extension 229
  Veterans Memorial Lodge Call 250.658.0311 between 9am and 8pm and ask to be transferred to:
  A1 – Olympic View Lodge

   A2 – Village Green
   A3 – Cottage Garden
   B1 – Palm/Magnolia
   B2 – Birch
   B3 – West Coast
Rest Haven LodgeRonnie Birkland, Activation & Day Program Manager250.656.0717
Extension 454