Coronovirus Update

March 25, 2020

Dear Family & Friends,

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you this week’s COVID-19 update. As you are aware, the Province of BC has been moving quickly to implement steps to reduce transmission of COVID-19. In our Long Term Care Homes we have taken dramatic steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Recent Changes

  • You are well aware that on March 16, 2020, we made the difficult decision to allow only essential visits to care homes, in accordance with a directive from the Provincial Health Officer. Further to information received from Island Health yesterday, we now believe visitor restrictions will continue through April. While this is hard news to receive, we are doing our best to find creative ways to keep you connected with your loved ones (see below).
  • Yesterday, Island Health also requested that people not send flowers or other gifts to their loved ones. We understand the importance of gifts from family and friends, and we appreciate your support in keeping our residents and staff protected. Instead of a physical gift, we recommend you trying one of our Keep Connected options below.
  • As of Friday, Broadmead Care will be moving to single-site staffing for all of our Care Homes. This means that staff will work at only one care home – Broadmead Care or other – for the duration of the pandemic.

Keep Connected with Your Loved Ones

We have two options to help you stay in touch with your loved ones, both available on our website. Last week, we told you about the Send a Message to Your Loved One program, through which you complete an online form with a message to a resident, and/or upload a photo or other file. Since then, we have received nearly 200 submissions through the form – keep them coming! Your loved ones’ faces light up when they hear messages from you, and see photos of you and your family. You can also use this form to send a Thank You message to our hard-working staff.

This week, we added a video calling program. We purchased twelve iPads, and have now equipped all Care Homes with the technology for video calling. You can book a video call by completing this form, which can also be accessed through our website. Right now, you can help us connect even more people by making a gift to our Keep Connected program(Choose “Broadmead Care – All Sites” and mention the Keep Connected program in the comment box.)

Resident Activities

Further to direction from Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry, we have temporarily changed the way group activities are managed. We have suspended large group gatherings. Residents are now engaging in activities in their own living areas, maintaining a distance of two metres (six feet) from each other.

In addition, staff and residents alike are finding joy and wellbeing through their interactions. Sharing messages and photos, and connecting to loved ones through video calls, adds to their sense of happiness. Brenda Hannah, Care Home Manager for Veterans Memorial Lodge, reported that some residents are finding calm in the quietness. Beckley Farm Lodge Care Home Manager, Lorraine Gee, said that families have come to their outside courtyard and waved at loved ones through the windows, bringing smiles to many faces.

We are finding silver linings and opportunities to advance the Broadmead Way at every turn, encouraging innovation and creative ideas that keep you connected with your loved ones. Together, we fulfill our Purpose to build communities where every person can experience wellbeing and happiness.

This is not an easy time for you, or for our staff, who work diligently every day to ensure the safety of all who live or work in our Care Homes. Families have asked how they can help and one way might be to consider a donation to our Grateful Families program that will help provide everyone more opportunities for connection, engagement, and joy.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we work together to protect your loved ones.