‘Cleaning up’ with the Broadmead Care Hand Hygiene ‘Olympics’

RN Victoria ran the Broadmead Care Hand Hygiene ‘Olympics’ to teach staff, residents, and visitors about proper handwashing technique.

With cold and flu season fast approaching, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, during September staff refocused on hand hygiene by participating in the ‘Hand Hygiene and Infection Prevention and Control Olympics’.

Care Teams across Broadmead Care had a chance to participate in various activities related to proper hand hygiene technique, and taking on and off personal protective equipment. There was education related to infection prevention and control practices, and some fun with paint! A ‘Guess the Germ Jar Count’ raffle and a quiz rounded out the interactive education.

Hand hygiene is the best defense we have against the spread of infection. Alcohol-based hand rub (a.k.a. hand sanitizer) is an effective, quick, and easy way to ensure we all use effective hand hygiene. When you visit one of our Care Homes, we ask you join us and do your part to stop the spread of infection by cleaning your hands. Hand sanitizer dispensers, are available throughout all Homes. Please clean your hands when you enter any Home, before you see a resident, before you eat, and when you leave the resident’s space.

We thank you for remaining vigilant and doing your part to prevent the spread of infection in our homes!

Please follow this link to find more information and resources about cleaning our hands: https://www.islandhealth.ca/sites/default/files/2018-08/why-wash-hands-info-sheet.pdf.