‘CanConnect’-ing with family and friends

Staying in touch with family and friends is very important to the people who live in Broadmead Care Homes. These social connections are important to maintain health and wellness.

To help improve the ways people can connect through technology, we have been participating in a test of video calls through CanAssist at the University of Victoria, using and CanConnect program. CanAssist is dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life, with a focus on promoting independence and inclusion. CanConnect helps people talk to each other through a software program that runs on dedicated tablet computers. It is a simple and user friendly way for residents to connect with family and friends on their mobiles devices. 

At Veterans Memorial Lodge, three residents are testing the CanConnect system, using it to video chat with loved ones around BC, and as far away as Montreal. They’re learning to use the systems independently in their rooms, and if they need assistance, Activity staff member Yvan is ready to assist. Family members can also get assistance from a CanConnect staff member. As one resident observed, “It is a new way to talk to family, but any chance to talk to my kids in Montreal is great! And I don’t have to pay for the long distance call.”