A ‘night in India’ at Rest Haven Lodge

Family and friends enjoying Indian cuisine at Rest Haven Lodge

“[This was] a wonderful chance to enjoy a “dinner out” with mom now that it’s difficult for us all to actually go out. The ethnic food was great so we could talk about travel, etc. It opened up a train of conversation. We [would] love to take part in the future.”

~ Family member

Rest Haven Lodge hosted its second annual Meaningful Dining experience that brought residents and families together to share a special meal.

This particular dinner was special for many reasons. Families have not been able to come and share a meal with their loved one since March 2020, when COVID-19 health orders affected access. Things have improved since then, but access to common spaces inside Rest Haven Lodge is still limited.

As the warm weather continued, we were able to set up a special area outside on our patio so families and their loved ones could enjoy time together, without masks. Last year, we had an Italian themed dinner. This year, we featured Indian cuisine, décor, and entertainment!

This event was a joy to all the senses, with glorious colours, beautiful music, pungent scents, and delicious taste. There was dancing, laughing, and so many smiles. It was a beautiful experience for families, residents, and staff to see people visiting, laughing, and sharing a special meal together.

We cannot wait to see what the third annual Meaningful Dining experience will hold in 2023, and to which amazing country our senses will travel!