How you can help build a new Nigel House

If someone you loved faced a significant disability from a serious accident, a birth anomaly, or a degenerative disease, what kind of home would you want them to have? The people who live in Nigel House get the care and support they need to live with dignity and independence. But the building itself is old and beyond repair. With your help, we can give Nigel House a new home.

Who calls Nigel House home?

Nigel House offers young adults with a range of disabilities the care and support they need.

Why does Nigel House need a new home?

Built in the 1970s for a very different population, the current Nigel House is past its useful life.

The Vision: A new Nigel House

With private rooms, easy wheelchair access, and more room for activities, the new Nigel House will be part of a world-class community of care.

How you can help build a new Nigel House

There are many ways you can helped to make Nigel House a better home and bring comfort, dignity, and care to those who live there.