The Vision: A New Nigel House

If someone you loved faced a significant disability from a serious accident, a birth anomaly, or a degenerative disease, what kind of home would you want them to have? The people who live in Nigel House get the care and support they need to live with dignity and independence. But the building itself is old and beyond repair. With your help, we can give Nigel House a new home.

What will the new home for Nigel House look like? The Plan includes expanding Nigel House to provide a home for 41 adults with disabilities, plus provide 37 assisted living units for seniors and 10 affordable housing units to help ease our community’s housing shortage.

Everyone who lives there will have the privacy and dignity of their own room and washroom. Every space will be designed to make sure that those in wheelchairs will be able to move safely and easily throughout the building.

The design of the new building will provide ample space to accommodate a wide range of programs and activities. There will be open and covered exterior patios to make it easy for people to get fresh air and sunshine. Access to the nearby Lochside Regional Trail, Saanich Municipal Hall, Saanich Plaza, and Uptown Centre will be improved with at-grade paths, walkways, and crossings, making it easier for people with challenges to live a fuller life in their surrounding neighbourhood.