In early 2023 Woody and Jutta moved to Veterans Memorial Lodge, a Broadmead Care Home. Both highly creative people, they experienced the military in unique ways that helped shape who they would become in later years. Woody was born in Shanghai, China, where his parents served with the Salvation Army missionaries. “In Shanghai, when I was about 14, my father was a band conductor, so it was then I joined the band.”

In December of 1941, days after the attack on Pearl Harbour, Woody and his family were posted back to Australia. On the way home, Woody observed Japanese bombers flying overhead. When leaving Singapore for Australia he remembers seeing survivors of The Royal Navy battleship, HMS Prince of Wales and battlecruiser HMS Repulse, which were sunk by Japanese Bombers and torpedo planes in the South China Sea. In Australia, Woody finished his education and worked as an apprentice with Otis Elevators. Shortly afterwards, he decided to travel with his roommate to Toronto, having secured a transfer with Otis Elevators. He continued to play with Salvation Army band.

It was in Toronto that Woody and Jutta met through mutual acquaintances. They were married six weeks later!

At 23 years old, newly married Woody joined the Royal Canadian Air Force Central Command Band. Woody and Jutta’s growing family was stationed in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Victoria. He spent a total of seven years in the Royal Canadian Air Force, proudly representing Canada and the Canadian Forces around the globe.

His time in the Royal Canadian Air Force Central Command Band instilled a great sense of pride and patriotism. “There was lots of pride being involved with the military band. We enjoyed the discipline and showmanship of lining up and marching. It took a lot of work and we were proud of our participation.” Woody’s ability to play multiple instruments, including his favourite, the trombone, built the foundation for his musical career. Following retirement from the military, Woody continued his music career, which included conducting a seven-piece Dixie Land band. 

Jutta’s experiences during WWII played a significant role in her love of the arts and her desire to create and express herself through painting and theater. Born in Hamburg, Germany, she lived through extensive bombing of the city during WWII. “I was about 12 years old and I remember everything vividly,” recalls Jutta. “We lost everything during the war and travelled from one place to another begging for someplace to stay. It was a terrible time, really a terrible time.” Jutta is an accomplished painter and worked in set design and costumes for the performing arts.

Together, Woody and Jutta make a dynamic duo in their love of the arts and music. They have been able to share their passion for these things with each other and with their children, creating a rich and vibrant home life that values creativity, expression, and connection.

The Woodlands moved to Victoria with their two boys following Woody’s retirement from the military. Woody worked at Butchart Gardens for 32 years as a 7-piece Dixie Land Band Leader.

In February 2023 Woody and Jutta, needing more support in their day-to-day lives, moved to Veterans Memorial Lodge. Together, the duo shares their love of music and art with others in their community, and, as they have for 65 years of married life, enjoys spending time together. It is an honour to be able to serve Woody and Jutta during their time living at Broadmead Care.

It is an honour to be able to serve Woody and Jutta during their time living at Broadmead Care

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