Donations from people like you directly improve the wellbeing and happiness of the people we are privileged to care for. Your donations help us provide enhanced programs and services, so all who come through our doors can live as fully as possible, with joy and purpose.

Why give to Broadmead Care?

Our goal is to create a homelike environment for people and their families, with experiences and activities that honour their life history, support their strengths and challenges, and maintain their dignity. Your donations help us purchase equipment and fund programs for residents and clients that help them enjoy a sense of belonging, respect, and acceptance, and that helps provide opportunities for all to live life as fully as possible.

How to Donate

How to Donate

You can direct your donation to any of our Care Homes – Beckley Farm Lodge, Harriet House, Nigel House, Rest Haven Lodge, Veterans Health Centre, or Veterans Memorial Lodge – and please let us know if you would like it allocated to a specific program or fundraising campaign, such as renovations, gym equipment, or staff education, or for our Feels Like Home or Nigel House campaigns. Whichever way you choose to help, your gift will be greatly appreciated and recognized according to your wishes.

Thank you. Your generosity allows us to do so much more, and we are deeply grateful for your contribution.

Donate Now

  1. Donate Online
  2. Mail in or drop off your completed Donation Form.
  3. Phone (250) 658-3274 or (250) 658-0311 to make your donation.

Donate Monthly

Making a monthly donation is an easy way to provide ongoing support for residents and clients. The donation amount of your choice is charged to your credit card or debited from your bank account on either the 1st or 15th of every month. You can stop your donation at any time.

Memorial Tribute Gifts

Memorial Tribute Gifts

Memorial and tribute donations are a way to thank staff for the care provided to loved ones. Your donation helps purchase equipment or funds renovations that enhance the lives of those who live with us, and also make work easier for our staff. They also can be directed to any of our programs, such as Music and Memories, creative arts, or spiritual care. At your request, we will notify the next-of-kin that you have remembered their loved one – your donation amount is not shared. With the permission of the next-of-kin, the name of the person in whose memory you have made your donation will be recorded in the memorial section of our Donor Recognition Book located in the main lobby at Veterans Memorial Lodge.

Gifts of Stock & Securities

Gifts of Stock & Securities

Donating gifts of appreciated publicly listed securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual fund units is a simple and tax-effective way of giving. The capital gains on appreciated securities are exempt from tax when securities are donated ‘as is’ to Broadmead Care. (If you sell appreciated securities, 50 percent of the capital gain is taxable.) Additionally, you get a tax receipt for the fair market value of the securities at the closing price on the day they are received into Broadmead Care’s brokerage account.

Donating stock is easy. Simply instruct your broker to transfer the shares ‘as is’ directly to the Broadmead Care brokerage account. This can be done as an electronic transfer or in the form of a share certificate in your name delivered to Broadmead Care. We will work with your advisor to ensure the transfer goes well and will deliver your tax receipt to you.

If you are considering donating securities to Broadmead Care, download and complete this form. For more information please call Mandy Parker, VP Philanthropy & Communication, at (250) 658-3226 or email Thank you!

The information on this page is not legal or financial advice. Broadmead Care encourages donors to contact their professional advisors when considering a gift of publicly listed securities.

Gifts in Your Will

Gifts in Your Will

A charitable bequest is a donation that you specify in your Will. Your bequest to Broadmead Care is a magnanimous gesture of kindness and generosity that will greatly enhance care for veterans, seniors, and adults with physical disabilities.

To include Broadmead Care in your Will, work with your lawyer or notary to create a new Will or to add a codicil to your existing Will.

Download your free Legacy Giving brochure.

Grateful Family Program

Grateful Family Program

Families and residents often ask us how they can say ‘thank you’ for the outstanding compassion and care provided at Broadmead Care. Some express their appreciation with a hug, handshake or a note, but feel they want to do something more.

The Grateful Family Program is a meaningful way for you to show thanks through a gift, to honour a particular staff member, volunteer, or department as a whole who made a difference for you, and to celebrate the care received.

Make a donation to the Grateful Family Program .

Read more about the Grateful Family Program.

Fundraising Priorities

Fundraising Priorities

Fundraising Priorities

We need your help to build communities where people of all ages and abilities can experience wellbeing and happiness. Your gift today supports those who call Broadmead Care home by helping provide a familiar, comfortable, caring environment that feels like home – their home.

Renovations – $400,000

Beckley Farm Lodge, Rest Haven Lodge and Veterans Memorial Lodge will all benefit by creating vibrant spaces where young and old connect and build friendships, and where people will feel a sense of purpose. For as little as $50 a month, you can help loved ones feel at home.

Replacement slings – $130,000

Nigel House and Veterans Memorial Lodge need slings replaced. This is an important part of day-to-day care that provides optimum comfort and safety for all. $25 a month will help give staff the equipment they need to safely care for people.

Electric beds – $79,000

Those who live at Nigel House and Veterans Memorial Lodge are in need of electric beds, which offer the best in comfort and help to prevent pressure sores, and which provide important assistance for mobility issues. $20 a month will help people live more comfortably.

Towel warmers – $52,000

We all love the feeling of a warm towel on our skin. At Beckley Farm Lodge, Rest Haven Lodge, and Veterans Memorial Lodge, towel warmers provide a feeling of calm and comfort. Just $10 a month will give the gift of warmth and comfort.

Food service – $10,000

A taste of home! New kitchen areas and hot food carts at Rest Haven Lodge are needed. They will create a more homelike space where people can experience joy when they share meals together. For just $5 a month, you can help people feel a sense of joy.

New Home for Nigel House

Your donation of $100 monthly will help the New Home for Nigel House campaign fund the balance of its goal. We need your help to raise $800,000 to provide a new home for adults with disabilities, affordable housing, and assisted living spaces.

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