Veterans Memorial Lodge — Spacer Slings

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Resident comfort, safety, and wellbeing is at the front of all we do. There are many things behind the scenes to make this happen, and this includes providing ‘spacer slings’ for residents who need assistance being transported to and from wheelchairs several times a day.

These slings allow staff to safely transfer residents, enhancing dignity and safety for all.

They also support infection control and skin integrity issues, because rather than being placed, then removed from behind the person each time they’re transferred in or out of the wheelchair, they simply remain in the chair the entire day. What a difference!

This means less physical stress, greater comfort, and less fuss when being moved, providing a better quality of life for all.

Each sling costs $569.

You can bring greater comfort, dignity, and safety to the people who live and work at Veterans Memorial Lodge with your donation today.