Music and seniors — making a difference every day

L to R: George (Beckley Farm Lodge resident), Chris (CFUV radio host), and James (Beckley Farm Lodge Activity Worker).

Earlier this summer we were approached by Chris Rohrmoser, a host for the UVic radio station, CFUV. He asked if someone from Broadmead Care would be willing to be interviewed for the Notes from the Underground program. The topic was ‘music and seniors’, and Beckley Farm Lodge Activity Worker James responded enthusiastically to our request to participate. He also invited George, who lives at the Lodge.

The result is a touching interview that includes information about how important music is for seniors, along with personal stories from James and George — including a song James wrote and sang in honour of George and his wife. We invite and encourage you to give this a listen. The last couple minutes are particularly poignant, having heard George’s story about life at Beckley Farm Lodge with his wife.

After the episode aired in September, Chris told us:

I had a lot of positive feedback from this show. Listeners told me how moved they felt by the conversation, how important this interview is for people to hear, and also how they feel it should be heard by more people. The song James wrote and sang was also a big moment for many people. One suggestion was that people like Isobel McKenzie and Terry Lake should be directed to this. Another was that this would be a good thing to listen to for people training to be activity workers, not only here but everywhere.”

Chris Rohrmoser

An interesting coincidence: Chris lives right across the street from Beckley Farm Lodge, and had exchanged greetings with James and residents many times on the street. We are certain this will not be the last time we partner with UVic to share great stories of the people who live and work with Broadmead Care!