Fundraising Priorities

We need your help to build communities where everyone can experience wellbeing and happiness.

Your gift today supports those who call Broadmead Care home by helping provide a familiar, comfortable, caring environment that feels like home – their home.

Equipment for all Care Homes – $32,500

There is a continuous need to replace slings, slider sheets, fall mats, and soft call bells in all of Broadmead Care Homes.

Feels Like Home Renovation Project – $250,000

Picture this – a long term care complex that feels like home, with vibrant common areas, spaces where young and old connect and build friendships, and where people feel a sense of purpose. We have begun to renovate and update our aging care homes, including Beckley Farm LodgeRest Haven Lodge and Veterans Memorial Lodge, into places that feel as much like home as possible, and that are warm and welcoming. We’re adding new paint, textures, flooring, and window covering.  We’re creating common areas that encourage residents to socialize with their neighbours, at a time when family and friend visits are limited, helping to fill the halls once again with conversation and laughter.

New Home for Nigel House – $3,000,000

Your donation of $100 monthly will help the New Home for Nigel House campaign fund the balance of its goal. The community has been generous, and with your help, together we could raise the balance of $560,000 to provide a new home for adults with disabilities (41 beds), affordable housing (37 units), and assisted living spaces (10 units).

Rest Haven Lodge – Fresh Face Sunroom Replacement Project – $150,000

Rest Haven Lodge, located in Sidney, is home to 73 adults who require long term care. Built in 1982, the two-story building was designed to include two glass atriums, with specialized tinted glass — one on the first floor and one on the second. Thirty-eight years later, the glass atriums have begun to show their age and are starting to fail. Instead of replacing the specialized glass, a new design will see both atriums replaced with a roofline that will match the rest of the building and will include picture windows. The renovations will also include a face lift with a fresh coat of paint. We will also create an outdoor space protected with an overhang, so residents can enjoy the outdoors while under cover.  Your donation to the Fresh Face Campaign will go further thanks to Sidney resident Craig Mearns. Craig will match your contribution, up to a combined total of $40,000!