Urgent Needs

We need your help to build communities where everyone can experience wellbeing and happiness.

Your gift today supports those who call Broadmead Care home by helping provide a familiar, comfortable, caring environment that feels like home – their home.

Veterans Memorial Lodge Garden and Courtyard Renovation Project — $160,000

This year, we’re going to renovate and revitalize gardens and courtyards at Veterans Memorial Lodge. With your help, we’ll create safe outdoor spaces that are protected from the elements, that provide year-round beauty, that have opportunities for meaningful activity, and that offer accessible, social places to gather with family, friends, and neighbours.

All nine gardens at Veterans Memorial Lodge need to ‘re-root’ and grow into even better spaces where people can relax, enjoy the out-of-doors, and spend time with others. This year, we want to focus on three of them. We’re going to replace and repair wooden benches, trellises and hand rails. We’ll plant drought-resistant plants, and install shade sails to provide beautiful, shady spots for visiting or just enjoying the fresh air. And, we’ll provide space for people to grow plants – and their skills – by participating in gardening programs!

Each space will cost approximately $53,000, for a total of nearly $160,000. You can help us create beautiful outdoor spaces with your donation today!

Spiritual Care Program — $30,000

Gifts towards the Spiritual Care program ensure a fulltime Spiritual Care Coordinator is available to foster spiritual needs for residents’ everyday health. This program offers one-on-one and group wellness strategies through mindfulness practice and interactive programs such as coffee clubs and veterans groups, or social gatherings to share music and life stories. Not fully funded by the government, an additional $30,000 is needed for this program annually to ensure residents have access to the emotional support needed to live their lives as fully as possible.

Current Equipment Needs — $55,500

Industrial Washing Machine for Beckley Farm Lodge – Currently Beckley Farm Lodge has one washing machine to handle the laundry needs of 64 residents, day program clients, and staff. Since the start of the pandemic, laundry has increased by 15%. This is due in part to increased cleaning measures put in place by provincial Health Orders. The increased volume means healthcare workers have to take time away from residents to ensure laundry is completed. With staff shortages plus enhanced safety measures, there is mounting pressure to purchase this essential piece of equipment that isn’t covered by government funding. An industrial 55-pound-per-load washing machine, with installation, administration, and construction costs, is $45,500!

Beckley Farm Lodge Living Well Campaign — $80,000

Beckley Farm Lodge is 40 years old, and is in great need of modernization. This includes the furnishings: we want to bring areas to life. We will do this with the purchase of new dining room furniture including multi-position tables that are wheelchair accessible; and washable upholstered dining chairs that are strong and comfortable. Common areas will see new reclining chairs, sofas, and armchairs, creating living spaces that feel as much like home as possible, and that are warm and welcoming.

Feels Like Home Renovation Project – $250,000

Picture this – a long term care complex that feels like home, with vibrant common areas, spaces where young and old connect and build friendships, and where people feel a sense of purpose. We have begun to renovate and update our aging care homes, including Beckley Farm LodgeRest Haven Lodge and Veterans Memorial Lodge, into places that feel as much like home as possible, and that are warm and welcoming. We’re adding new paint, textures, flooring, and window coverings.  We’re creating common areas that encourage residents to socialize with their neighbours, at a time when family and friend visits are limited, helping to fill the halls once again with conversation and laughter.

Capital Campaigns

Click to donate to the New Home for Nigel House campaign.