Family & Friends Update — August 13, 2020

Dear Family and Friends of residents at Veterans Memorial Lodge,

Your visits with loved ones have brought so much joy, and we are delighted that more than 225 of you have already spent time visiting in person at Veterans Memorial Lodge. As we work together to ensure that as many designated social visits happen as possible, we are pleased to confirm:

  • Designated visitors may make weekly appointments to see their loved ones. As well, there may be additional daily opportunities for you to visit. Designated visitors may call Reception at 250.658.0311 to check to see if there are any spots available.
  • Increased capacity has been created through additional spaces and expanded visiting hours that include daytime and evening appointments, seven days a week.
  • Our online Keep Connected program (to send emails, upload recorded videos or photographs), video calls, and window visits are also available. You can schedule video calls and window visits by calling 250.658.0311 and asking to be transferred to the appropriate lodge.

Additionally, we are pleased to receive goods and gifts for your loved one. Please drop off the item(s) at the front door, on the tables provided, between the hours of 9 am and 7:30 pm. Please ensure the item is labelled with your loved one’s name, and we will deliver the item to them as soon as we can.

We thank you for your patience, kindness, and understanding as we work together to ensure all residents have an opportunity to visit with their single designated visitor.