Gifts in your Will

A bequest to Broadmead Care in your Will is a magnanimous gesture of kindness and generosity that will greatly enhance end-of-life care for veterans, seniors and adults with physical disabilities.

A charitable bequest is a donation that you specify in your Will.  To include Broadmead Care in your Will, work with your lawyer or notary to create a new Will or to add a codicil to your existing Will.

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There are several types of bequests you can make – all are helpful, all are appreciated no matter what size:

  1. Specific bequest – you designate the specific dollar amount (eg. I bequeath the sum of xxx dollars to the Broadmead Care Society) or piece of property (eg. I bequeath xxx shares of xxx company) you are donating to the Broadmead Care Society
  2. Residual bequest – you donate the remainder of your estate to the Broadmead Care Society after all other bequests, debts, taxes and expenses have been paid
  3. Contingent bequest – you make a bequest to the Broadmead Care Society if other bequests in your Will cannot be fulfilled (for example, if your beneficiaries predecease you)

To provide the most flexibility to meet residents’ changing needs in the future, the Broadmead Care Society encourages you to consider making your bequest as an unrestricted gift.  This will allow the current and future Boards of Directors to use your money in the areas of greatest need at that time.  As our resident population grows increasingly more frail, it is difficult to project needs into the future; you can be assured that the Board of Directors will use your unrestricted gift for the greatest benefit of the residents now and in the future.  Because residents’ needs are changing all the time and no one can predict their future care needs, the Broadmead Care Society asks that you consider inserting a ‘power to vary’ clause.  This will allow future Boards to redirect your gift for the greatest benefit of veterans, residents and clients.

If You Wish, Please Let Us Know You Have Remembered

So often, bequests come in and Broadmead Care hasn't had the opportunity to thank the donors. If you are comfortable doing so, please let us know you have remembered veterans, seniors and adults with disabilities through a bequest to Broadmead Care. Your information will be kept confidential if you so wish.  Or, we would love to recognize and celebrate your generosity. In addition to our heartfelt gratitude, you will receive:

  • Recognition in our annual report
  • Recognition on our donor wall
  • An invitation to our annual Donor Recognition Event
  • An annual subscription to our newsletter.

Other Types of Legacy Gifts to Broadmead Care

You can make many types of legacy gifts to the Broadmead Care Society including donations of life insurance policies, RRSPs, RRIFs, gifts of appreciated property, gifts of residual interest and trusts.  We will work with you and your professional advisor on these types of donations.

If you would like further information on legacy giving, please call Shannon Donnelly at 250-658-3274. Thank you.

Note: The information on this page is not legal or financial advice.  We encourage all donors to consult with their professional advisors when considering making a bequest or other legacy gift to the Broadmead Care Society and will be happy to work with your advisor on the appropriate wording. Thank you.

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