Cycling Without Age in Victoria BC

Volunteer James (R) and Nigel House Resident Jimmy (L), with Rex (the goodest boy in the middle) at the BCSPCA.

It’s National Volunteer Week, and we’re celebrating all the wonderful people who volunteer in our Care Homes. We are so grateful for those who give their time and talent to help with many tasks. From taking people to social gatherings or spending time one-on-one with residents, to helping with special events, volunteers cover many aspects of care in our Homes.

Today we want to tell you about James, an airline pilot who volunteers time to take people like Nigel House resident James (‘Jimmy’) for rides on the trishaw — a bicycle with a wide front seat for passengers.

Jimmy loves dogs. So one day last fall, James took him to visit at the BCSPCA, along with staff member and volunteer Manager, Carson.

James made all the arrangements with the BCSPCA staff for this special visit. He’s been a devoted volunteer since 2018.

The trio rode down the Galloping Goose together on the trishaw. We wheeled the bike through the double doors and into the lobby of the BCSPCA. We met a dog named Rex who had been surrendered by his owners. Rex needed two surgeries for the equivalent of a torn ACL.

Resident Jimmy was overjoyed to spend time with Rex, who jumped into the trishaw seat without any persuading. He made himself right at home! Despite being low-income himself, Jimmy has donated thousands of dollars to the SPCA over the years. He showed off his various dog tattoos to the staff, who were all nearly in tears sharing in the stories and these wonderful moments. Jimmy ended the visit by donating $250 to the branch.

The trishaw was a hit last summer at Nigel House, thanks to volunteer James and Therapy Assistant Eoin who organized some great rides. We can’t wait to experience even more adventures this year, together with the dedicated volunteers of the Cycling Without Age program!