Celebrating Sikh Heritage Month

Sikh Heritage Month in BC is an annual event that takes place every April to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Sikh Canadians to the province’s cultural, economic, and social fabric.

During Sikh Heritage Month, various events and activities are organized across the province to show case Sikh culture, history, and achievements.

The month-long celebration provides an opportunity for Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike to learn more about the Sikh faith, while promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding. It also serves as a reminder of the values of equality, social justice, and religious tolerance that are central to Sikhi and which are shared by all Canadians.

On April 30, 2019, the Sikh Heritage Month Act was formally recognized by the Government of Canada. This means that throughout Canada, each and every year, April is to be known as Sikh Heritage Month.

Sikh Heritage Month was first recognized in the province of Ontario in 2013, and month-long celebrations started in 2015. Festivities in Brampton, Ontario now reach more than 10,000 people each April. Today it is celebrated in various provinces across Canada.

We are grateful for the diverse cultures and heritage of the people who live and work at Broadmead Care Homes.

Source: https://www.sikhheritagebc.ca/about