Resident and Family Satisfaction Surveys

Every two years Broadmead Care administers detailed surveys to get feedback from family members of Veterans Memorial Lodge residents and from Nigel Program residents.    We use a widely-used survey tool developed by the Ohio State Department of Aging.  This survey tool includes a range of questions about most aspects of living in our care residences, including topics such as the admissions process, activities, direct care, food, laundry and safety. 

We report the results to families, residents, to our Board of Directors and to our key funders - Island Health and Veterans Affairs Canada.  The summarized results are carefully reviewed by our management and departmental teams.  We identify areas of strength that we want to continue to build on and also identify areas for improvement.   

We administered the last survey in early 2014 and the results were very positive.  For the Veterans Memorial Lodge, 95.6% of respondents stated they would recommend the Lodge to a family member or friend, and 98% indicated that they were satisfied with the overall quality of care residents receive at the Lodge.  

For the Nigel Program, 100% of residents indicated that they were satisfied with the quality of care they receive and 82% (up from 63% in 2012) would recommend the Nigel Program to family or friends.

Quality Indicators