Philosophy of Care & Service

Person-centred senior care

At Broadmead Care, we practice person-centred care - striving to create an environment that honours each individual resident's or client’s life history, supports their strengths, and maintains their dignity.

To reach this goal these principles of care and service are followed:

  • Broadmead Care acknowledges and respects personal preferences and needs.
  • Broadmead Care provides care, support, and activity programs that value independence and offer the residents of our facilities and the clients of our day programs the opportunity to make choices based on their abilities.
  • Broadmead Care maintains an environment that supports retained abilities, celebrates successes, fosters hope, and promotes social involvement.
  • Broadmead Care welcomes family members and friends as partners in care and values their input.
  • Broadmead Care provides evidence-based care and service supported through clinical education for staff, volunteers and family members.
  • Broadmead Care strives to provide a familiar, comfortable, caring and safe environment.
  • Broadmead Care supports people living at the Veterans Memorial Lodge through their final years until death, always with the comfort and dignity of each person at the centre of our care.

The Broadmead Care Philosophy of Care is an adjunct to the B.C. Ministry of Health’s  Residents’ Bill of Rights, which governs the rights of adults living in residential care.

Every Moment Matters

Broadmead Care’s Philosophy of Care can be summarized by the phrase: Every Moment Matters. It’s a phrase coined by staff members in the fall of 2009 after a review of Broadmead Care’s Dementia Care principles.

Every moment matters is a motto that recognizes that every staff member or volunteer can make a difference with every interaction. It’s also a reminder that it’s the little things that can make a difference for our residents, clients and their families.

Every Moment Matters