Dementia Care Program

Since 2003, residents at the Veterans Memorial Lodge have benefited from a Dementia Care Program based on current best practice standards. Funded primarily by Veterans Affairs Canada, it focuses on clinical, educational and environmental aspects of care. To ensure that Broadmead Care is providing an appropriate environment, we have four secure lodges that reflect contemporary standards for dementia care. They are designed for residents with dementia at moderate to severe stages.

Supportive Pathways – Dementia Care Education

Supportive Pathways is a program of care for people with dementia developed by Carewest in Calgary, Alberta.  Broadmead Care began teaching Supportive Pathways in fall 2004, with five of our staff members leading the sessions. We have modified the content to suit different needs, including family members, volunteers and a one-day refresher course for staff. Supportive Pathways provides:

  • Current, person-centered dementia care content
  • An interactive format that recognizes the needs of adult learners
  • Content that is adaptable to different learners and can be updated to reflect new research or policy requirements

Supportive Pathways is made up of seven modules:

  • Personal and Organizational Beliefs and Values
  • Individual and Family Care
  • Disease Processes and Trajectories
  • Communication
  • Normalized Living / Safety and Security in the Environment
  • Meaningful Activities
  • Assessment of and Responding to Altered Behavior

The  Dementia  Difference: Application of Palliative Principles for Care of People with Late Stage Dementia End-of-Life Education

The Dementia Difference is a two-day workshop about caring for dying people who have dementia. It was developed at the Lodge and is facilitated by staff trainers. Broadmead Care developed the workshop to support staff in providing best practice, quality end-of-life care for residents with dementia using a research-based palliative approach.

The Dementia Difference provides:

  • Current, evidence-based information on applying palliative care principles for people dying with dementia.
  • Content and training approach that provides learning opportunities for all staff working in residential care.
  • Instruction modules that can be adapted for family members and volunteers.
  • Adult learning methods including: case studies, sample dialogues, sample scripts, role plays, games, visual aids/tools, music and small and large group discussions.

The Dementia Difference is made up of six modules:

  • An introduction to caring for people living and dying with dementia
  • The ambiguous dying trajectory
  • Supporting families
  • Physical comfort
  • Psychosocial comfort and meaning making
  • Staff care

The Veterans Memorial Lodge provides end-of-life care to residents. Care focuses on achieving comfort, ensuring respect for the person nearing death and maximizing quality of life for the resident, family and loved ones. The handbook "Comfort Care at the End of Life: A guide for Caregivers" has been developed to provide information to caregivers on how illnesses such as Alzhimer's disease or other degenerative diseases of the brain progress in the final stages.  We hope this information will be helpful to families. Click on the following link for the booklet "Comfort Care at the End of Life" or cliick on the following link for the brochure.