BC Care Provider Award Nominees

Every year, BC Care Providers Association, through the BC Care Awards, chooses the BC Care Provider of the Year, from nominations submitted by the community. We are delighted to let you know that we have several nominees this year for BC Care Provider of the year! Please join us in congratulating these nominees, with our gratitude for how they live The Broadmead way every day.

Preet Dhanota — Veterans Memorial Lodge

From the very beginning of her time as an LPN at Veterans Memorial Lodge, Preet Dhanota has dedicated herself to providing high-quality care. Over the years, she has developed a deep knowledge of Gerontology and Dementia Care practices and applies those principles, along with the intimate knowledge of the residents that she cares for, to provide excellent care. She also encourages and supports the team to provide meaningful activity to the residents.  She has a deep understanding of the individual needs of each resident and always acts in a responsible manner when it comes to personal and professional accountability.

Through her quiet and calm disposition, people are confident in her care. This is especially true when she communicates with families whose loved ones are reaching end of life. She does so in a kind but clear manner, which helps them to understand and accept the changes that they will observe. Families had said that Preet had taken the time to make them feel comfortable with the experience, although they had never expected to feel that sense of peace.

From her colleagues:

“Preet is a good listener and encourages group work. She has respect for co-workers and residents also families as well. Preet is a good, caring person.” – HB, HCW

“Preet listens to her staff’s suggestions. She makes sure everybody has an input if there will be changes in the routine sheets. She is very professional in her job.” – AS, HCW

“Preet is a very hardworking nurse. She is a professional, caring, compassionate person. She has excellent communication skills. She is very good with residents. She is a very good team player and good problem solver. She always listens to staff concerns and solves it very wisely.” – HM, HCW

David Duco — Rest Haven Lodge

As a Registered Nurse at Broadmead Care, Rest Haven Lodge, David connects with residents in meaningful ways. David gets to know residents personally, discovers what they like and enjoy, and will use this in conversations with residents. David will use personal information in daily activities like singalongs with residents, choosing lyrics that are meaningful to them. His approach is always one of respect and kindness to our residents, their family members, and his colleagues.

Dave goes above and beyond his duties in supporting both residents and other team members. When there is a staffing challenge, Dave always takes quick initiative to help and works overtime to ensure the highest level of care for residents and to support teammates by covering shifts. Beyond his duties, he often supports with direct personal care and meal assistance. David models compassion and empathy and is a strong resource to other members of the team at Rest Haven Lodge.

From his nominator, Gurdeep Nijjer (Rest Haven Lodge Care Home Manager):

“Residents’ families comment on Dave’s friendly and engaging manner, and they state that he has compassion and empathy. Rest Haven Lodge has often received compliments from families who comment that Dave is often engaging and collaborative with them on difficult decisions.” 

Harvinder Manak — Veterans Memorial Lodge

Through his dedication, Harvinder Manak has pride in his work as a Health Care Worker at Veterans Memorial Lodge, Broadmead Care. The comfort and wellbeing of the residents in his care is his primary goal each day, and he shares his passion with his entire team. Harvi takes the time to get to know the resident very well in order to provide care that is individualized. Not only does he provide superb care in the moment, but he can also anticipate residents’ needs by observing and knowing their mannerisms and non-verbal cues.

As a team player, Harvi often acts as a resource for his peers and has a natural ability to teach. He pays attention at report and listens to how all of the resident on the lodge are doing so that he may support his co-workers that may be dealing with more complex situations on that day. Harvi is receptive to taking on different support roles in the organization.

“Harvi coached and supported his co-worker to gain the skills and confidence needed to work independently in a safe manner. You can always count on Harvi to step up and offer assistance when needed.” – His nominator, Kristi Osguthorpe (Care Manager)

“Harvi is an exceptional care aid and he is a champion of safety. Not only does he lead by example, but he has stepped up this year to take on a new role as a peer educator. Harvi is also an experienced first aider. This combination of skills and expertise make Harvi a leader. He is an amazing resource for our current and new staff. I feel exceptionally lucky to have Harvi as part of my Safe Interactions and First Aid team.” – Dana Morch, the Employee Wellness Health and Safety Advisor.

James Gonzalez — Beckley Farm Lodge

Since early 2021, James Gonzalez has brought a spark of energy to the Beckley Farm Lodge’s Day and ASEL program as the Activities Program Leader. His primary goal is to ensure the residents feel loved, respected and are engaged in activities that bring them joy. He is innovative and always looking for new ideas for resident/clients and the staff. He leaves happiness everywhere he goes and puts big smiles on the residents’/clients’ faces. James has a wonderful outgoing personality and deep desire to bring love and happiness to residents, staff and family members has been an inspiration. His commitment to getting to know each residents, discovering their likes and dislikes and encouraging them to reach for the horizon is outstanding.

A highlight in James’ career was when he arranged for a resident to be a guest on the University of Victoria radio station podcast called Music and Seniors. The impression that James left on the podcaster was profound.

 “I want to thank you for putting me in touch with James, who is a remarkable person! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with him and getting things ready for the interview. He brought so many new and excellent ideas for us to talk about … Just as a side note, the actual interview with James and George is one of the high points I’ve experienced in my several years volunteering at CFUV (UVic radio station).”

“James is unfailingly cheerful, and always willing to do whatever it takes to make something special. He has always exceeded my every expectation — even standing on his head for a photograph for me for social media! I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of this award. He exemplifies The Broadmead Way every day; this is just one example of recognizing residents’ unique life stories, and helping the people who live with us experience meaning and purpose.” – Connie Dunwoody, Communications Coordinator

Dwayne Potenteau — Nigel House

Dwayne Potenteau is a Registered Nurse at Broadmead Care, Nigel House. Dwayne’s professionalism and calm approach with residents makes him a joy to work with for both residents and staff. He is very supportive of his team and will make himself available to them. He is always looking for ways he can support his team by providing on the spot training/education as opportunities arise. Described as a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable nurse, Dwayne is very supportive of others and leads through example.

He is not afraid of new or challenging situations and fosters a workplace environment with his positive attitude. Regardless of how busy his work gets, Dwayne always completes his tasks with a smile and ensures that staff feel supported in times of challenge.

“Dwayne challenges the status quo by using evidence based practice/approach. A resident was trying to elope, Dwayne knelt down beside him and talked to him. He took the time to listen and was able to de escalate the situation.” – LA, RN

“Dwayne is extremely helpful and always fun to work along site with. He always have a positive outlook on situations. All staff enjoy working with him.” – AK HCW

“Dwayne is an excellent nurse. He always keeps himself busy and takes care of the clinical and wellness of the residents. He’s always willing to help if anyone asks, not only with his nursing duties, but HCW’s duties as well. He has good medical knowledge and is willing to share with staff. He always talks in a professional manner and is never in stress even when his workload is heavy.” – EL, HCW