Vision and Mission

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Broadmead Care Vision:

A caring society where people of all ages and abilities live to their full potential.

Broadmead Care works toward our vision by creating care communities in which we celebrate the lives of seniors, honour the service of veterans, and embrace the life ambitions of adults living with disabilities. In all cases we strive to create home-like environments where residents and clients are treated with dignity, respect and acceptance.

Broadmead Care Mission:

To help build a caring society by providing excellent health, social and housing services for seniors, veterans and other adults.

Broadmead Care serves our community through leadership in long-term care delivery and by pioneering programs, services and methods that contribute to innovation in the health care system.

Bringing the Broadmead Care Mission to Life

Broadmead Care has a volunteer Board of Directors that provides leadership, support and accountability for all society operations. The Board sets the direction for Broadmead Care and has an active committee structure with specific work plans and measurable objectives aligned to our strategic plan.

As an organization, Broadmead Care constantly seeks ways to be dynamic, innovative and responsive to provide exceptional care by and for the exceptional people who make up the Broadmead Care community.

How do we do so in a time of change and challenge? Through:


Broadmead Care continually strives to maintain or improve our high standards of care in ways that optimize both efficiency and service quality.


Broadmead Care devotes time and resources to learn and teach how to provide the best possible care and service to our veterans, residents and clients. Broadmead Care also shares our learning and experience with colleagues throughout the health care system.


Broadmead Care is accredited by Accreditation Canada which sets national standards that examine all aspects of health care from patient safety and ethics to staff training and partnering with the community.