Broadmead Care is committed to collaborating with government, health care and community partners to enhance the effectiveness of the services we provide and to determine how we can best meet the future health care needs of our community.  Some of our key partners include:

Island Health - Broadmead Care works in partnership with the Island Health, the primary funder for the 225 residential care beds at the Veterans Memorial Lodge. Broadmead Care maintains close communications with VIHA to ensure we are providing seamless and efficient health care services.

Veterans Affairs Canada - Veterans Affairs Canada funds the Veterans Health Centre, the Dementia Care Program and other programs that enhance the quality of care for veterans.  Broadmead Care works closely with Veterans Affairs to ensure that the veterans on VancouverIsland - who courageously fought for Canada - have access to high-quality health care services when they need them.

BC Housing - Broadmead Care works closely with BC Housing, which provides housing subsidies for residents in the Nigel Program for Adults with Disabilities who live at Nigel House and Harriet House.

BC Care Providers - The BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) is the leading industry association for BC's long term care sector. They are a non-profit society that has been serving independent continuing care providers for over 35 years. Their growing membership base includes over 140 residential care, assisted living and home care members, as well as over 135 commercial members across BC.

In addition to the above funding partners, Broadmead Care works with many individuals and organizations in the community.  Other key partners for Broadmead Care include:

Donors - The Broadmead Care Society is grateful to all its donors - individuals, corporations, foundations, veterans groups and other service organizations - who generously support equipment, programs, education and capital projects to enhance residents’ lives.

Community Organizations - Broadmead Care’s latest evolution as an organization took place in December 2010 when we amalgamated the Nigel Program for Adults with Disabilities Society into the Broadmead Care Society. Broadmead Care’s plan is to continue expanding the scope and mix of our services to increase our capacity to serve our community.  This plan includes seeking similar partnerships with other not-for-profit organizations. This objective of growth and enhanced capacity achieves economies of both scale and scope. It will allow the continuation of the high standards available to Broadmead Care clients and extend these high standards to smaller organizations that would not be able to sustain them on their own.