Every Moment Matters

seniors and dementia care

At Broadmead Care, we focus on making every moment matter for our veterans, residents and clients.  We began to articulate our commitment to excellence in 2003 when we started development of our Dementia Care Clinical Program. Implemented in 2006, the program is based on evidence and best practices in dementia care. It is principle-based and comes from a foundation of person-centered care.

In 2009 a group of staff members reviewed and revised the dementia care principles. In doing so, they discussed the fact that they believed the principles fit all people, not just those with dementia. Furthermore, they articulated their belief that it is everyone’s responsibility to provide person-centered care. From these discussions the Broadmead Care Philosophy of Care and Service was created.

This philosophy is for all staff and volunteers at Broadmead Care.  Many staff members participated in the initial development of the principles and the formation of the philosophy.

When staff members were asked what the philosophy meant to them, many ideas and words were brainstormed but the phrase that stood out was "Every Moment Matters." That phrase has since become the unofficial motto for the Broadmead Care Philosophy of Care and Service. 

The philosophy was launched in fall 2009 with the Every Moment Matters Campaign that saw the phrase crop up everywhere: in chalk on the driveway, on computer screensavers, stamped on pay stubs and more. The campaign culminated with the unveiling of the Philosophy of Care and Service document and a celebration of what the motto means to individuals – through stories, poems or pictures.

Every moment matters recognizes that every staff member and volunteer can make a difference with every interaction. It’s also a reminder that little things can make a difference for our residents, clients and their families.

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