A ‘thrifty’ visit

At Broadmead Care, we encourage the people who live with us to make decisions about their own activities. We recognize that people can’t always join in every activity; mobility and other health challenges can mean everyday experiences are tricky to carry out. At the same time, we want them to live as fully as possible, with purpose and joy.

A good example of this is shopping! Some residents, especially those without family nearby, miss the opportunity to visit a store to look at a full rack of clothes and choose styles that appeal to them. Others miss the opportunity to browse books to read, or buy decorations for their rooms. Finding ways to make these kinds of activities happen is really meaningful.

Activity staff at Beckley Farm Lodge decided to create a ‘shopportunity’ through a recent outing. The Salvation Army Thrift Store was happy to help. James, Lainie, Nicolas, and Vikram took six residents shopping at their Thrift Store. Residents spent a happy hour selecting new outfits, toys, decorations, and books to read.

This trip was a huge success. Residents browsed, selected, and purchased the items they chose. And we loved seeing the smiles, the new outfits being proudly displayed, and hearing the eager requests to repeat the experience. The activity team at Beckley Farm Lodge is already planning for ways to repeat and expand this event, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of helping people live as fully and joyfully as possible.