Serving Smiles Campaign

Make a donation to our Serving Smiles campaign, and help bring smiles to the faces of the people who live at Veterans Memorial Lodge!

The Serving Smiles campaign aims to raise approximately $150,000 to replace kitchen serveries in six living areas at Veterans Memorial Lodge, as well as refrigerators in two of those living areas. The serveries are kitchenette spaces with cupboards, drawers, a refrigerator, microwave, and countertop that runs between the kitchenette and dining room. These are the spaces where all meals for residents are prepared to be served.

Veterans Memorial Lodge is now more than 25 years old. We continue to work to create warm, welcoming, homelike environments for the people who live here. This includes the serveries, which need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the government does not fund repairs for these important spaces, and Broadmead Care must look to other sources of funding.

The kitchen serveries are vital to Veterans Memorial Lodge, in particular, for the dining rooms where residents share meals and social time with their friends and neighbours.

Your gift today towards the Serving Smiles Campaign ensures those who call Broadmead Care home have a familiar, comfortable, caring environment that feels like home – their home. THANK YOU!

Now 25+ years old, there is much wear and tear to the serveries.