Broadmead Care is a non-profit organization that provides housing, social and health services for vulnerable adult populations in Greater Victoria. We serve seniors, veterans and people with disabilities who require assistance to live their lives as fully and meaningfully as possible.

Exceptional Care. Exceptional People.

Every moment matters is the Broadmead Care motto that recognizes that every staff member and volunteer can make every interaction with residents and clients meaningful. It’s part of providing exceptional care by and for exceptional people.

Every moment matters

Partnering with other organizations makes Broadmead Care more independent, sustainable and resilient while helping us meet the goal of providing exceptional care. (RBC Day of Service)


Broadmead Care devotes time and resources to learn about and teach how to provide the best possible care and service to our residents and clients.


Broadmead Care works with individuals, corporations, foundations, service clubs and others to raise money for equipment, facilities and programs that enhance residents’ and clients’ lives and that are only partially or not covered by government funds.


Broadmead Care continually strives to improve its high standards of care in ways that optimize both efficiency and service quality.

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Exceptional Care. Exceptional People.
Every moment matters


Calling all golfers!  It's time for the 2014 Commissionaires/Broadmead Care Golf tournament May 2, 2014 at Uplands Golf Course!  We have a new title sponsor on board this year!  The Commissionaires!  Their dedication to veterans is exceptional and we are pleased to have them with us for the next three years and hopefully beyond.  Registration is now open!  You may download our handy printable form or register and pay online at

We look forward to seeing you at on the greens this May!  Proceeds from the tournament will purchase specialty low beds, specialty mattresses and bed accessories for the veterans and seniors at the Lodge at Broadmead.  Please support all our sponsors by going to our sponsor page.


Thank you to all those volunteers, donors and shredders who came out to our 2nd Annual Shred a Thon for Broadmead Care!  We raised over $10,000 with thanks to an anonymous generous donor to help us reach our goal.  Thanks go out to the members of MARPAC, Sea Cadets, and Claremont High School and especially our Broadmead Care Board and Staff for braving the weather and volunteering their time!  Thanks also to the Broadmead Village retailers who supported our endeavour especially Menchie's Yoghurt and Heirloom Linens!  And our dear friends at Island Document Storage and Shredding for the hard work!  Please watch the story on CHEK News!  



Families and Friends

To find out what's happening this month at Broadmead Care, click on the link below to the Oak Room calendar.  Or, for an overview of our past year, please click on our annual report or read our Moments newsletter.JennSupp- Support  -

April 2014 Oak Room Calendar

2012/2013 Annual Report

April/May 2014 Newsletter

Please read the latest issue of our Broadmead Care Moments Newsletter!






During National Volunteer Week!  Over 220 volunteers gathered for a Broadmead Care recognition party where they received prizes, pizza, salad, thank you cake and a big THANK YOU for all their hours of service to the Lodge at Broadmead, Veterans Health Centre, and the Nigel Program.  Pictures below show 10 year volunteer Ruth McDougall receiving her award for her years of service playing bridge with the residents at the Lodge.

BCS Volunteer coordinator Kelly Sprackett awards 10 year plaques to Ruth McDougall and John Pigott.  Other photos show a lot of pizza and volunteers Sylvain and Renata Dostie along with volunteer Board member Paul Morgan.

As National Volunteer Week draws to a close, we have a few details to share about our Broadmead Care Volunteer Services from April 1, 2013-March 31, 2014: (our year end)

 According to our  Broadmead Care Volunteer Sign in System:

  •           10,942 hours were donated by volunteers across Broadmead Care programs
  •           73 new volunteers joined us
  •           63 of our 220 volunteers are students
  •           27 volunteers support the Nigel Program (or are about to start at Nigel)
  •          178 volunteers support TLAB and/ or the VHC
  •          The volunteer with the most hours recorded in the past 12 months was Mary Jane Apcar (a TLAB volunteer of many years) who gave a total of 277 hours!  She was followed closely by Kent Baldry (a volunteer of Nigel House) who gave 245 hours!

 Thanks to our volunteers for all that they do every day to make a difference in the lives of residents and clients in all of our homes and programs.

 If you want to find a volunteer role for yourself or a friend, Volunteer Victoria is our local resource for finding ways to share your time and talents.


Fire safety standards at Broadmead Care are a top priority.  Thanks to Saanich News for doing a story about this and featuring our exceptional standards at Broadmead Care.  Read the story.