Broadmead Care is a non-profit organization that provides housing, social and health services for vulnerable adult populations in Greater Victoria. We serve seniors, veterans and people with disabilities who require assistance to live their lives as fully and meaningfully as possible.

Exceptional Care. Exceptional People.

Every moment matters is the Broadmead Care motto that recognizes that every staff member and volunteer can make every interaction with residents and clients meaningful. It’s part of providing exceptional care by and for exceptional people.

Every moment matters

Partnering with other organizations makes Broadmead Care more independent, sustainable and resilient while helping us meet the goal of providing exceptional care. (RBC Day of Service)


Broadmead Care devotes time and resources to learn about and teach how to provide the best possible care and service to our residents and clients.


Broadmead Care works with individuals, corporations, foundations, service clubs and others to raise money for equipment, facilities and programs that enhance residents’ and clients’ lives and that are only partially or not covered by government funds.


Broadmead Care continually strives to improve its high standards of care in ways that optimize both efficiency and service quality.

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Exceptional Care. Exceptional People.
Every moment matters



On Tuesday, November 10th, Her Honour, the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, accompanied by Maritime Forces Pacific Commander Rear-Admiral Gilles Couturier, unveiled a monument at the Lodge at Broadmead.  The inscription reads:

Dedicated to Canada’s veterans, especially those cared for at the Lodge. November 2015

At that same event, Broadmead Care Board Chair Paul Morgan announced that the name of the Lodge at Broadmead would be changed to the Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead in honour of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Lodge, and to recognize that the Lodge was built in large part to provide a home for veterans moving from the old Memorial Pavilion on the Royal Jubilee Hospital site. 

Her Honour delivered a moving and heartwarming speech, noting that, "It is indeed a privilege to be part of today’s plaque unveiling. A monument to honour the service of all Veterans and especially those who presently or in the past have called Broadmead home, as well as all those who have visited and been part of this wonderful community."


Jack Knox of the Times Colonist reports on World War II veteran and Lodge at Broadmead resident Mac Colquhoun's account of his participation in the Great Escape - read it here.



Families and Friends

To find out what's happening this month at Broadmead Care, click on the link below to the Oak Room calendar.  Or, for an overview of our past year, please click on our annual report or read our Moments Newsletter



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November 2015 Oak Room Calendar

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Please read the latest issue of our Moments Newsletter. Spring 2015.






$2 at the Till with Thrifty Foods Raises $7,800!


The $2 at the Till Campaign with Thrifty Foods  has raised $7,800 for the Overhead Lift Campaign. Many thanks to all Thrifty Foods customers who topped up their grocery bill to improve care for veterans and seniors. Special thanks are extended to our friends at Thrifty Foods who do so much in the community.


RUDI HOENSON on CFAX 1070 with Bruce Williams

Listen to Rudi's story in his words, and learn more about his amazing contribution to the Lodge at Broadmead and other community initiatives in Greater Victoria.




Atomic bomb survivor, ex-prisoner-of-war and benefactor Rudi Hoenson has increased his matching gift challenge from $200,000 to $250,000. He will match all donations from the community up to $250,000 to the Overhead Lift Campaign to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.  It costs $5,300 for all the equipment and installation of an overhead ceiling lift in a resident's room. Rudi will match all donations; his matching gifts will be put towards adding the 'finishing touches' to rooms with overhead lifts including new clothes cupboards, night tables and draperies.  These items of furniture and the drapes are now 20 years old and in desperate need of replacement. The laminate on the furniture is peeling and the drapes are faded and worn. What a lovely holiday gift it will be to install overhead lifts in residents' rooms plus give them a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and new drapes. Read Rudi's story in the Times Colonist here:

To donate, click on the donate button in red at the top right of your screen and follow the prompts.  Your donation will be matched by Rudi to a total gift from him of $250,000.  Thank you!

Watch this video of Honorary Co-Chairs Eric Charman and Kieth Dagg talk about why they are involved with the Overhead Lift Matching Gift Campaign.



June 1st, 2015 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Lodge at Broadmead.

The Lodge at Broadmead Anniversary Video

Select the image above to go to our 20th Anniversary video.